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Welcome to Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest countries with around 600,000 inhabitants, 47% foreigners and almost 170 nationalities. For social integration in such a cosmopolitan environment, there is one condition: a successful setup! Let us help you with that!

You have decided to take this big step and move to the Grand Duchy!

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Here you can find all the advice you need to make a successful move to the Grand Duchy


🏡 Essential cover for your home:

Tenants or owners of a house or apartment?
Protect yourself with comprehensive coverage for your home.
Protection for your home and your belongings, in all circumstances, with comprehensive and indispensable cover:

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Moving to Luxembourg: our tips for getting settled

Moving to Luxembourg: our tips for getting settled

It's decided, are you moving to the Grand Duchy? Before you settle down, it is better to know some specificities of the country...


Flat share in Luxembourg: find a room for rent stress-free

With soaring rental prices, the young trainees or working professionals in the Grand Duchy are more likely to choose to live under...


5 things to factor in before taking out your home insurance

Fitted kitchen, risk of flooding... When it comes to home insurance, each country has its own specificities. For anyone insuring a home in Luxembourg for the first time, here are 5 factors to watch out for.



đźš— Essential cover for your car in Luxembourg

License plate, vehicle maintenance: AXA takes care of everything!

  • Adapted offers to my driving
  • Assistance 24/24
  • Insurance cover without deductible
  • Replacement vehicle if vehicle is immobilized
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Advice for your car in Luxembourg:

Get the lowdown before insuring your car in Luxembourg

Deductible, fully-comprehensive cover, price... When it comes to car insurance, each country tends to do things its own way. Read through these 7 essential tips before insuring your car in Luxembourg.


Registering your car in Luxembourg: what is the procedure to follow?

You have just settled in Luxembourg and you need to register your car in your new country of residence? Follow the guide to find out...


Do you have to get your driving licence recognised in Luxembourg?

Have you recently moved to Luxembourg, but not yet ticked the "insure the car" box on your to-do list? One question may be of concern to you: can you insure your vehicle if your licence was issued abroad?



👩‍⚕️ Health insurance in Luxembourg

Whether you are single, with a spouse or a family, we offer you refunds to complement your national health insurance (CNS).

  • Refunds are based on your actual costs
  • Repatriation and assistance abroad are included
  • Help at home during and after hospitalization
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Health advice for you and your family

Supplementary Health Insurance Luxembourg: Do you really need it?

The Grand Duchy offers good health coverage. However, to be better reimbursed for the costs that remain your responsibility


Travel insurance: are you covered?

Loss of baggage, tropical illness, or a simple sprain... When travelling, such incidents can quickly become a disaster. Contrary to popular belief, the insurance included with your credit card proves to be insufficient in many cases.


Schooling in Luxembourg: how to choose between the different education systems?

With 50% of Luxembourg’s population coming from other horizons, the education provision in the Grand Duchy has adapted and offers a host of possibilities...


Follow the guide with our partner JustArrived

For a successful installation you may also visit the site JustArrived You will find the complete guide for residents here Work, health, family, mobility – these tips for newcomers make your installation easier!