Home insurance: our packages to protect your house & flat
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Because accidents happen, being well insured is essential

Glass breakage, water damage, emergency repairs or damaged multimedia devices - with your AXA household insurance you are optimally protected.

2 basic formulas and 4 additional options:

Choose between the 2 formulas Active and Privilège to protect your home and your belongings.

You may add up to 4 options for an optimal and tailor-made coverage.

Formula Active or Formula Privilège:

Pick the best cover according to your needs: 

Home Insurance OptiHome AXA Luxembourg - Covers

Note: The Active formula is restricted to persons residing in apartments.

Choose from 5 options to complete your home insurance.

For an optimal coverage you can add up to 5 options to each formula.

Multimedia Material

Cover your smartphone, computer, television and nomad equipment against theft and breakage, worldwide.

It covers multimedia material (television, smartphone, computer, ...) that you own against theft, worldwide and against any breakage / destruction resulting from theft, a fall, a shock or the penetration of a foreign object.

  • With Active Formula : Up to €5000 Deductible for mobile equipment: €350
  • With Privilege Formula : Up to €10,000. Deductible for mobile equipment: €125

Family Protection Package

Your family liability and your legal protection (criminal defence and civil appeal) are covered for your private life. E-protection cover is possible to protect you against the risks related to the use of the internet.

Serenite Plus Package

Your home and its contents are protected against the risks of earthquakes, floods, sewer back-ups, water infiltration and landslides caused by torrential rains.

Comfort Package

Your property is covered against theft and breakage, anywhere in the world: sports, fishing or hunting equipment, jewelry, musical instruments and medical assistance devices.

Annual Travel Package

You want to go on vacation without having to take out insurance for each trip? Take advantage of single insurance policy including cancellation, luggage and valuable support on your travels throughout the year.

Reductions on the premium

Starting at 2 options you benefit of reductions on the premium for your home insurance policy:

Home Insurance Options OptiHome AXA Luxembourg

For example, if you subscribe to the formula “Privilège” with the Travel, Comfort and Serenity Plus options, you benefit of a discount of 6% on your entire home insurance premium.

AXA Assistance

As part of your OptiHome home insurance (Active package and Privilège package), you are eligible for the AXA Assistance services:

home insurance : OptiHome

With its OptiHome home insurance product, AXA offers tailor-made solutions for tenants and home owners. Whether you live in a house, apartment or studio, OptiHome adapts to your needs and lifestyle.

In addition to optimal protection for your belongings, OptiHome also protects you and your family against the risks associated with your daily life: family civil liability, legal protection, travel insurance and e-protection against the risks associated with Internet use.

You can also take advantage of practical services, such as Emergency@Home (immediate assistance in any emergency situation by professionals) or Handyman (intervention of certified professionals for your small jobs: gardening, painting, tiling, various small repairs, etc.).

For more details, contact your AXA Agent.

home insurance : OptiHome Residence

As a property manager, syndicate of co-owners or sole owner of a or several rental building(s) for residential or mixed use (residential/professional*), it is recommended to take out a civil liability building insurance and to cover accidental damages (fire, storm, flood, …) that could affect the property.

(*) provided that the building does not contain any professional activity of the HORESCA sector  (hotel, café, restaurant), manufacturing or processing activities (e.g. printer, carpenter, etc.) or a  business activity with more than 100 m2 storage of goods (supermarket, clothing trade, …)

Find your ideal package and options in line with your concerns:

Services & Advice

OptiHome AXA Assistance

  • As part of your OptiHome insurance, you can call on the AXA Assistance service to come to your aid in the event of an emergency.
  • Find the full details on the AXA Assistance page:

Making a Home insurance claim

  • Do you want to make a claim for a loss under your home insurance?
  • Follow the procedure on the Home insurance claims page:

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  • An advisor is available in every region of the Grand Duchy to offer you his services and his well-informed advice about insurance solutions.
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