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Are you a frequent traveller? Do you like nothing more than to head off to walk the beaches or mountains, visit Europe or go further afield to Asia or South America? Alone or with your family, being well protected abroad is essential if you want to make the most of your holidays.

The travel option is available with your OptiHome home insurance from AXA Luxembourg.

It covers you, your family and your luggage for cancellations, flights, medical expenses and repatriation.

The Travel option is therefore a very comprehensive insurance that protects you during your travels, all year round and wherever you are in the world.

What does the Travel Option cover?

Regardless of your destination, the Travel Option covers you and your family for the following:

Refund of cancellation costs:

  • The cost of cancelling your tickets and rentals when your trip is cancelled before departure
  • Costs incurred for services that you will not receive if your trip is prematurely interrupted.
  • The additional costs of the return journey and the additional costs of accommodation if you are unable to return on the date and by the means originally planned.

Cancellation costs are refunded:

  • In case of serious illness or accident.
  • In case of delay or cancellation of public transport due to a wildcat strike preventing you from reaching the airport or station.
  • In the event of a traffic accident or force majeure on the way to the point of departure (airport, station).
  • If it is medically impossible to have the obligatory vaccinations to go to your holiday destination.
  • If your identity papers or visa are stolen within 48 hours of your departure.
  • In the event of major material damage to your home (e.g. fire), forcing you to cancel your trip.

Cover for your luggage or personal belongings:

  • Your luggage is covered in case of theft, loss or if it has been damaged during the trip.
  • If it is in your vehicle, your luggage is covered in case of theft or break-in during the day.
  • In the event of loss or theft, the cover provides for a replacement piece of personal luggage to be sent to your holiday destination if you so wish.
  • A refund of €150 to buy basic necessities on the spot.
  • Assistance in case of loss or theft of your tickets, identity papers or means of payment, including the advance payment of return costs, to enable you to return home.
  • Cash is not considered as luggage but is covered in case of theft by assault, provided that a complaint has been filed.

Travel assistance:

  • In the event of accident or illness, you are entitled to medical assistance with any care you received abroad (e.g. hospitalisation, surgery) refunded.
  • Search and rescue abroad
  • Repatriation
  • Medical evacuation in case of a medical emergency that cannot be treated locally.
  • Advance payment and shipment of essential medicines to your holiday destination.
  • Language assistance by telephone to help you with your travel arrangements if you have difficulties with the local language.
  • Repatriation of parents from abroad if the child at home is hospitalised in Luxembourg.
  • In the event of medical care abroad, if it does not involve hospitalisation, it is still covered at the rate of 2 per year. You must provide a medical certificate.

How does the Travel insurance work?

This option covers you, your family and your luggage when travelling.

What do you need to do?

Claiming medical assistance, health costs and repatriation:

In the event of a medical emergency while travelling, first aid is provided by the local authorities.

Once you are safe, contact AXA Assistance:

  • Hospitalisation United States & Canada: (+1) (305) 530 86 00
  • Hospitalisation Rest of the world: (+ 352) 44 24 24 48 48
  • Repatriation, transport to a hospital, search or rescue: (+ 352) 44 24 24 46 24

AXA Assistance will contact a local doctor to monitor your state of health and organise repatriation or for a doctor to be sent to you if necessary.

The medical expenses refunded by AXA Assistance cover the shortfall after the social security contribution.

AXA Assistance can advance the medical expenses; on your return, you contact social security to receive a refund.

If you advance the funds, AXA Assistance refunds you what is due to you on your return.

Claiming for a cancelled trip:

If your trip is cancelled as a result of one of the events covered by the travel option, you can therefore claim a refund of the costs incurred.

If you have used a travel agency, contact them as soon as possible.

Then take all measures to limit the financial expenses linked to your cancellation.

Then make a cancellation declaration

And send it to the following address, within 5 days of your cancellation:

Axa Assurances Luxembourg
Service Sinistres Non-Auto
1 Place de l’Etoile
L-1479 Luxembourg

All relevant information and supporting documents can then be sent within 30 days.

Claiming for theft, damage or loss of your luggage:

If your luggage has been stolen, the first thing to do is to file a complaint with the local judicial or police authorities at your destination.

Then, contact AXA Assistance on +352 45 30 55 who will give you the procedure to follow.

AXA Assistance will be able to organise the sending of a replacement piece luggage and cover the first necessity expenses. AXA Assistance can also provide assistance in the event of the loss of your travel documents, identity papers or means of payment for example.

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