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Build up complementary retirement savings and pay less tax.

Build a comfortable income supplement to compensate for a loss of income when you retire.

Do you want to maximise your return opportunities? Opt for a new-generation retirement savings model!

MySmartPension is a tax-efficient solution that allows you to combine traditional savings solutions and stock market investments, to take advantage of the best returns on the market.

The advantages of the MySmartPension:

My Smart Pension, advantages and description

Positive impact of pension insurance on your tax return:

Throughout the duration of the policy (minimum duration:10 years), you can deduct the amount of your retirement insurance premiums from your annual tax base in compliance with Article 111 Bis of the Luxembourg income tax law.

The maximum annual deductible amount is €3200 regardless of age.

Disability premiums paid with the MySmartPension solution are also 100% deductible according to Article 111bis of the Luxembourg income tax law. To find out more about possible tax deductions, visit the tax deductions page:

Services & Advice:

Deduct your retirement insurance from your taxable income

The maximum amount deductible depends on the data provided by the taxpayer and his/her family situation.

  • Pension Retirement Insurance
  • Savings Insurance
  • Housing savings

The functioning of pensions in Luxembourg

The pension system in Luxembourg is based on three pillars:

  • Statutory pension
  • Supplementary pension paid by the employer (optional)
  • Supplementary pension made up on a personal basis (optional)

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