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To make a claim under your home insurance policy:

1. Download the home insurance claim form according to the type of damage suffered:

Damage to the Home

Download this form to notify us of damage to your home, such as:

  • Fire, Storm and hail, Water damage, Theft and vandalism, All risks, Property damage, Luggage, Assistance.


Liability insurance diverse risks

Download this form to notify us of damage involving your Civil Liability, such as:

  • Physical or material damage to a third party

Electric devices & multimedia material

Download this form to notify us of damage to electrical and multimedia devices, such as:

  • A short circuit, an overload of electrical current, an insulation fault, overvoltage, wear and tear, a machine failure, etc.



Download this form to make a claim related to e-protection such as:

  • Legal support, identity theft, fraudulent use of payment methods, e-reputation, online shopping, connected objects, etc.


2. Complete your document directly from your computer.

3. Print it and sign it

4. And send your form by email to

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Emergency and Assistance

Contact AXA Assistance on +352 45 30 30 55

Or visit the AXA Assistance page for help.

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AXA Advisers at your service

An advisor is available in every region of the Grand Duchy to offer you his services and his well-informed advice about insurance solutions :

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