AXA Assurances Luxembourg

AXA offers you a complete range of providence insurance: death, disability and remaining due balance, so that you are covered in case of an unforeseen event.

Providence insurance includes various coverages to secure the financial protection of you and your loved ones in the event of death, disability or incapacity to work.

In the event of a premature death, life insurance provides financial support to your designated beneficiaries. This allows them to manage current expenses and financial obligations.  

Disability insurance covers loss of income due to an incapacity to work as a result of an illness or an accident.

And the remaining due balance insurance protects your real estate investments as the remaining debt on your mortgage loan is settled in the event of death.

These insurances play an important role in protecting your loved ones and your property in the event of a stroke of fate.

Domia outstanding balance insurance

Congratulations! You have just acquired a real "home".

You have taken out a loan for this. But borrowing money is also committing to
paying it all back. You wish to protect those close to you by ensuring payment of your loan in the event of death. remaining due balance insurance offers full cover at a very competitive price. Domia keeps those close to you secure by releasing them from all financial commitments and strengthens your projects.


Serena death insurance

Serena death insurance guarantees the payment of a capital sum to those close to you so that they can tak on your financial obligations following your disappearance or pay the household expenses like your children's studies.

In addition to the payment of a capital sum to those close to you in the event of death, they also benefit from round-the-clock assistance to help them with the formalities.


VivaZen death & disability insurance

The Family package provides global cover for your private and school life. In one and the same policy, all members of your family are protected against death and invalidity following an accident.