AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Our mission

Our mission is to help our private customers to live every stage of their life more serenely and to help firms and professionals to operate more smoothly.

Our corporate project

To become the preferred insurance and asset management company, we have to continue the work we undertook several years ago to boost our customer focus and encourage the commitment of our employees through a culture of trust and execution. Our teams all over the world respect five values: professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, integrity and team spirit. And three fundamental attitudes (being available, attentive and reliable) guide our employees in serving our customers better and establishing long-term relationships based on trust.

Our key figures

AXA Turnover (2022) under IFRS standards :

  • AXA Assurances: € 140.0 M
  • AXA Assurances Vie: € 152.4 M

AXA Net profits (2022) under IFRS standards :

  • AXA Assurances: € 19.3 M
  • AXA Assurances Vie: € 3.7 M

Key figures for the AXA Group

First insurance company in Luxembourg

More than a century and a half of history

AXA, through its original companies, is the first Company to have been approved for insurance operations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The AXA Group celebrates thirty years of the AXA brand

The health specialist Interlux Assurance Maladie joins the AXA Luxembourg group

Takeover of the activities of Winterthur Europe Assurances Luxembourg by the companies AXA Assurances Luxembourg and AXA Assurances Vie Luxembourg

AXA Group buys the Winterthur Group from Crédit Suisse

AXA Group celebrates twenty years of the AXA brand

3 August 1999 - publication in the Mémorial of the ministerial authorisation approving the merger by absorption of Royale UAP companies by the AXA Luxembourg S.A. companies.

Grouping of AXA Luxembourg activities are announced on 25 September 1998.

The international AXA-UAP merge is announced on 12 November 1996.

In 1994, the Royale UAP takes over the activities of the branch "Victoire S.A." and the company "VIC. Life S.A." .

ASSURLUX becomes AXA Assurances Luxembourg.

The two companies merge in 1991 and AXA becomes 99.4% shareholder of ASSURLUX. In the same year, following the grouping of UAP and Assurance La Liégeoise, the Luxembourg group takes the name of Royale UAP.

ASSURLUX buys out the Life portfolio of AGP Benelux and the non-life portfolio in 1990.

The Luxembourg portfolio of "Secours" is taken up by ASSURLUX.

Birth of ASSURLUX through the merger of several companies, including "Le Patrimoine", "La Vie Nouvelle", "La Préservatrice" and "La Lloyd de France Vie".

Transfer of the "La Paternelle" Luxembourg Miscellaneous Risks portfolio to "La Prévoyance", an AGP subsidiary.

1967 and 1975
The "La Paternelle" Life portfolio is transferred to "La Prévoyance". The Luxembourg portfolio of "La Fédérale" is taken up by "Le Patrimoine".

Creation of the Union IARD.

Establishment of the branch of the Assurance La Liégeoise (subsidiary of "La Royale Belge").

1891 and 1932
The companies "Le Patrimoine" and "La Préservatrice" are approved in Luxembourg.

Establishment of an agency of the Union, specialising in life insurance.

The "La Paternelle" articles of association are registered with the district court of Luxembourg.


A commitment to transparency based on a strict respect for professional ethics, formalized in AXA's code of professional ethics.

AXA has a Group Compliance and Ethics Code (the “Code”) that applies to all of its worldwide employees and subsidiaries. All senior officers across the Group are required to formally certify their compliance with the Code on an annual basis.

At AXA, people are encouraged to report any suspicion of inappropriate, unethical or illegal behaviour. They can raise a concern either locally or directly to the Group, through the dedicated whistleblowing process. The Group whistleblowing hotline ( is monitored by the Global Head of Special Investigations who is independent from executive management.