Our junior life insurance product - Juvena

You know the amount of guaranteed capital that will be paid to your child from the start.
You are certain that the capital when the policy matures will be paid to the person you have designated and at the time you have chosen. You thus keep control of the policy throughout its lifetime: you can change the beneficiary or buy back the capital before the policy matures.

AXA advantages
• Saving security
• Yield and advantageous tax deductions
• Payment flexibility

Junior life insurance documentation

  • Equatoria life insurance

    Equatoria is a "Mixed" insurance formula, whereby AXA undertakes to pay:
    - either the guaranteed death capital, increased by the profit sharing, on the death of the insured if this occurs before the maturity fixed by the policy;
    - or the guaranteed life capital, increased by the profit sharing, at the maturity fixed by the policy if the insured is living on this date.

    AXA advantages
    • Security, by fixing when taking out the policy the amount of guaranteed capital that you will receive when the policy matures.
    • Advantageous tax deductions

    Equatoria life insurance documentation

  • Savings insurance Borea Invest 30 Neo

    How to make my capital grow without risk?

    Borea Invest is an attractive insurance savings plan that guarantees availability
    and transparency.

    The fund Borea Invest 30 Neo is intended first and foremost for savers preferring safety in the management of their capital by protecting the accumulated savings.

    AXA advantages

    • Capital 100% guaranteed permanently through the AXA Group guarantee
    • Possibility to receive a bonus based on the results of the Borea Invest 30 Neo
    • Availability of the capital
    • Transparency : the Borea Invest 30 Neo stated yields are net of management costs

    Past yields do not guarantee future yields.

    Savings insurance documentation

  • The flyer
    Borea Invest 30 Neo
  • The financial information sheet
    Borea InvestBorea Invest 30 Neo
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  • Investment - Save for Life

    Schedule monthly payments and enjoy a solution that combines simplicity, safety and performance. Your savings are carefully managed with an investment policy that largely prefers bonds, with a maximum 20% in shares.

    From Day 1, regardless of the progress of asset, your savings are protected permanently through the AXA guarantee. In addition, every year you will be paid a bonus based on the results of the Agilio 20 fund. This bonus is yours definitively and secured for the future.

    For greater transparency, the yields displayed at NET of charges: these are the yields you actually receive.

    AXA advantages
    • Attractive NET yields: 1.30% In 2017
    • Payment flexibility
    • Great availability for your savings.

    Past yields do not guarantee future yields.

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  • Insurance conditions
    Save for Life
  • The mortgage-savings plan with our partner Wüstenrot

    Whether for yourself or for your children, you can finance a property while benefitting from tax deductions.

    The mortgage-savings contract proposed by our partner Wüstenrot is a savings account that allows you to benefit from tax deductions (under certain conditions).

    It allows you to create a capital for real estate investment.

    Table of maximum amounts deductible:

    AXA Luxembourg - Epargne Logement

    * In case of common taxation according to articles 3 and 3bis the maximum ceiling of 1344 € is determined on basis of the age of the youngest adult subscriber. If one of the two subscribers is younger than 41 the spouse / partner and each child of the taxpayer’s household is eligible to a 1344€ ceiling.


    • Important tax advantages

    • Deposit guarantee

    • Risk-free solution: your capital is guaranteed plus the interest rate set at the time of the contract subscription

    • Availability of the savings after the contract’s attribution (use for personal real estate needs: purchase of a property, renovation or transformation of a property or repayment of a real estate mortgage).

    More information about our home savings plan

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  • Advisers at your service

    An advisor is at your service in every region of the Grand Duchy