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With AXA’s car insurance you protect yourself, your vehicle and your passengers on all your journeys

You wish to insure your car in Luxembourg? Whether it is a new or a used vehicle, we have the best solution for you.

You don’t drive much, you are an automobile lover or environmentally conscious? Because every driver is unique AXA has developed offers adapted to each and everyone: low milage, Youngtimer and collector car, hybrid and electric.

Take advantage of the "Conventional Degression" value compensation with the Privilege package. You have the assurance of being able to replace your vehicle in the event of a total loss for the first 3 years and to benefit from enhanced cover up to 7 years.

And for your family’s protection, discover our Assistance and Protection formulas: Driver protection / Driver safety, Breakdown Assistance, Travel and Family Assistance and Comprehensive Legal Protection.

3 Formula : Active, Active + Mini Casco, Privilège:

Pick the best car insurance package in line with your needs:

Car Insurance | AXA Luxembourg

Which car insurance product should I choose?

If you're looking for effective minimum coverage, choose the Active package.

In the event of an accident, we will cover the costs associated with your civil liability, driver and passenger coverage and the defence of your interests before the law. 

If you wish, you can add options based on your needs, such as coverage against theft and total loss.

The Privilège package provides full coverage in the event of an accident: civil liability, legal protection, emergency assistance, theft, fire, glass breakage, collisions with animals etc.

You can add supplementary options such as breakdown assistance, driver protection and safety insurance, family and travel assistance and comprehensive legal protection assistance.

Comprehensive insurance to enjoy driving with complete peace of mind.

Do you drive a hybrid or electric car?

Are you looking to insure a collector vehicle? Do you drive your car quite rarely?

Our offers are tailored to your situation.

5 options to choose from to complete your Motor insurance package:

For each package, you can add up to 5 options of your choice for optimal cover:

With the Driver’s safety option, all drivers authorized to drive the insured vehicle are covered when driving the insured vehicle, in case of an accident, whether or not they are at fault, in case of theft and while entering, exiting or loading the vehicle.

As a nominated driver you are even covered as a pedestrian.

And in the event of an injury or permanent invalidity you will receive a lump-sum payment up to € 315 000 depending on the damage suffered.

With the “Driver’s safety” option, all nominated drivers are covered in case of an accident (whether or not they are at fault), regardless of the driven vehicle.

And in case of an injury or a permanent invalidity, you receive compensation, determined according to the compensation system set by Luxembourg law, depending on your particular situation and the damage suffered. The insured amounts can be up to a maximum of € 750 000 € or € 1 250 000.

In addition, if you allow somebody to drive your insured vehicle, he will also be covered up to half of the insured amount.

Your vehicle is refusing to start? Take advantage of the breakdown assistance in the event of a fuel shortage or puncture, an oil change following a fuel error and the opening and repatriation of the vehicle if you lose your keys.

It covers you and your family while travelling all over the world: medical assistance, search and rescue, reimbursement of medical expenses, repatriation, assistance in the event of theft or loss of luggage and legal assistance.

Legal assistance in all disputes arising from the use, purchase or sale of your vehicle, insolvency of a responsible third party and assistance to participate in a driving course to recover points on your driver’s licence.

AXA car insurance benefits

New car cover, protecting your passengers, lend your car, replacement vehicle, travel, personal belongings. Rest assured that AXA Luxembourg has thought of everything.

AXA Assistance services for drivers

As part of your OptiDrive car insurance (Active, Active + Mini Casco and Privilege packages), you have access to AXA Assistance services:

Free AXA services with your car insurance:

Take advantage of free AXA services, according to the chosen formula

Joker Taxi Service

When you’re no longer in a fit state to drive, AXA pays for a taxi, 3 times a year, so that you can get home safely.

Joker Taxi

Pick-up & Delivery service

Privilege and Mini-Casco Formula: In the event of an accident covered by your policy and if your vehicle is still running, avoid round trips to the garage. AXA provides a Replacement Vehicle, picks up your car and delivers it back to you repaired, wherever and whenever you want.

Pick-up & Delivery

Connected Breakdown Service

When requesting a breakdown service covered by AXA Assistance, track the location of your tow truck and the estimated waiting time at any time.

Connected Breakdown

Preferential Rates Services:

Take advantage of all the AXA services at preferential rates to make your life easier:

Cosmetic Damage Service

Do you want to repair minor damage to your vehicle? Use an AXA authorised partner. You are eligible for preferential rates to repair minor damage to your vehicle, without having to use your Material Damage insurance, impacting your No Claims Bonus, and therefore your premium.

Cosmetic Damage

Comfort Service

Do you find maintaining your vehicle a bit of a pain?
Take advantage of our network of partners at preferential rates to monitor and manage your vehicle for you: roadworthiness tests, servicing, or even for the fitting of your summer/winter tyres.

Comfort Service

Registration Service

Need a Luxembourg license plate? Save yourself the administrative work. Take us up on our preferential rate and an AXA Luxembourg partner will come to your home to pick up your vehicle and return it with the new licence plates fitted.

Registration Service

Other types of vehicles:

Motorcycle insurance

Do you want to ride your motorcycle at any time of the year, weather permitting, safe in the knowledge that you have the best insurance cover?


Van & Truck insurance

Do you have a van and need to manage large volumes on a daily basis? Take advantage of special insurance conditions for vans.
Find your package and the ideal options in line with your concerns:

Van & Truck

Collector car insurance

Are you passionate about vintage and collection vehicles? Take us up on our special packages and get a preferential rate on your car insurance.

Classic car

Motorhome insurance

Hit the road with peace of mind, in Luxembourg and abroad, thanks to AXA motorhome insurance.


Find your package and the ideal options in line with your concerns:

Opt for the Active Formula

Mini-casco: protection against theft (including personal belongings INSIDE the car), fire, breaking glass and animal collisions.

Write-off: where your vehicle has been written off in an accident, if this has been declassified, AXA keeps you mobile by allowing you to purchase a vehicle of identical value.

AXA advantages regardless of the car formula chosen:

Comestic Service
Have traces of wear/deterioration removed without affecting your premium. How does it work?
AXA has negotiated preferential rates for you. This means that minor damage can be repaired without having to bring your Material Damage insurance into play and without affecting your no claims and therefore your premium.

Pay at your own pace

Pay at your own pace.

Enjoy up-and-running conditions also for second-hand vehicles: benefit from a sliding-scale tariff on the material damage cover based on the age of the vehicle and from an indemnification for declassification of up to 20% above the market value.

Opt for the Active Formula + Mini-Casco OR the Privilège Formula.

Whatever the formula, there are several possible options so that every member of your family is protected:

Full Legal Protection: improvement to the basic Legal Protection:
- High capitals and more extensive covers
- AXA participation in point recovery stages
- Intervention in an accident involving an uninsured and insolvent third party

Driver Safety: this cover protects you as driver, regardless of the vehicle you are driving. Very useful if you have several cars!

Breakdown Assistance: intervention in a breakdown, puncture, or loss of car keys! If necessary, AXA makes a replacement vehicle available.

Family and Travel Assistance: benefit from medical assistance and repatriation when travelling. Costs for care administered abroad are covered up to €150,000!

In addition, AXA gives you peace of mind when your children are travelling alone, by allowing you to stay with them in case of a long-term hospitalisation.

Just arrived in Luxembourg? All our advice to properly insure for your car

The first thing you need to do is take out car insurance.

Deductible, fully comprehensive cover, second-hand car, no claims bonus...

To get all the lowdown on these subjects and more, and pick the right car insurance in Luxembourg, read our various explanatory articles:

Car insurance for new arrivals

You do not think it fair, as an infrequent driver covering less than 7000 km/year, that you pay as much as everyone else?

AXA has a solution for you!

Opt for the Formula of your choice and enjoy a preferential rate that takes account of your kilometrage!

Discover the Pay-as-you-go car insurance by AXA Luxembourg

Benefit of a reduction on your car insurance for a hybrid or electric car:

Choose the best package according to your needs and benefit from a reduction on your OptiDrive car insurance premium

Discover the benefits for hybrid or electric car

Benefit from the Cosmetic service

Have traces of wear/deterioration removed without affecting your premium. How does it work?

AXA has negotiated preferential rates for your, regardless of the Formula chosen.

This means that minor damage can be repaired without having to bring your Material Damage insurance into play and without affecting your no claims and therefore your premium

Contact your AXA Luxembourg Agency to benefit from the service.

In this case, your simplest option is the Privilège Formula. You will thus have peace of mind in case of damage caused to a third party AND for material damage to your vehicle.
Save time and spare yourself the administrative steps with the following options and services:

Convenience service
Do you see servicing your vehicle as wasting time?
AXA guides you and drives your car:

  • to the technical control centre,
  • for servicing
  • or for fitting your summer/winter tyres.

Avoid going back and forth to the garage:
You’ve had a minor accident but your vehicle is still mobile?
The solution? Pick-Up & Delivery
Your damaged vehicle is picked up at the place and time of your choice and a replacement vehicle is delivered to you.
This way, you stay mobile throughout the repair process.
Your car is then returned to you repaired and cleaned, wherever and whenever you wish.

Services & Advice

What’s the best insurance for your second-hand car?

Are you looking to optimise the cost of your car insurance while remaining protected? Take the lead from four different insurance profiles.


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