Family insurance: protect your family with civil liability insurance
AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Whatever the formula chosen (OptiHome Active or Privilège), several options can be added for each member of your family to be protected:

  • Family protection: give your family Civil Liability and Legal Protection: if any member of your family causes losses to a third party in private life not related to work, expensed are covered.
  • E-protection: your teenagers cannot stop surfing on social networks, have their own profiles and post photos of themselves? Well, they are likely to suffer damage to thei e-reputation (insults, defamation, publication of degrading images against their will, etc.). And nothing is more important for teenagers than their reputation, even on line.
    AXA E-Protection cover allows you to benefit, at AXA's exepnses, from an amicable or legal defence if necessary, and cleaning or submerging of harmful information.
    More information on E-protection cover
  • Annual travel: members of your family sometimes travel on their own and it worries you? With the Annual Travel option, whatever happens to them on the other side of the world, AXA supports medical expenses (up to €150,000!) and repatriation if necessary..
    No need to buy new insurance for every trip; this cover is not time-limited!
    More information on the Annual Travel option