Are you as a driver protected if there is an accident?

In Luxembourg, as elsewhere, to get behind the wheel the law requires you to have third-party insurance that covers damage you could do to others. But what about the driver? You are not covered unless you have taken out dedicated insurance.
Insure your car and also yourself as a driver

It's Sunday evening. You've been spending the weekend with friends a few hundred miles from Luxembourg. On the way home, exhausted by a long week and a weekend that wasn't really relaxing, you feel drowsy.

Before you even realize the risk, here you are, falling asleep at the wheel. Within a few seconds, you hit the safety barrier.

Miraculously, you wake up in the hospital with only a few broken ribs. The bad news is that medical expenses that aren't reimbursed by the National Health Fund are your responsibility. Similarly, damage to your vehicle is not covered by your insurance policy, unless you have taken out fully comprehensive cover, often called "Casco complète" in Luxembourg.

To be protected in this type of accident which you are liable for, you must take out specific insurance. This covers the driver of the insured vehicle, i.e. you or any other person you lend your car to. 

Protecting the driver regardless of the vehicle

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When borrowing a car, check that there is a driver safety insurance policy associated with the vehicle protection policy.

You can also purchase specific driver insurance. This is valid regardless of the vehicle you drive, whether you own it or you have borrowed it.

Benefit from cover for all types of accidents

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Are you a fan of micro-mobility solutions? Bicycles, electric scooters, hoverboards, self-balancing unicycles... these new single-person electric vehicles have seen their popularity explode over the last two years.

Unfortunately, indulging in the joys of slow mobility is not risk-free. Accidents are getting more and more numerous, and the consequences can be serious.

Imagine cycling, for example. You suffer a moment of inattention and you hit a stationary vehicle, fracturing your wrist.

In this situation, where you hurt yourself, medical expenses that exceed the reimbursements from the National Health Fund are not supported by third-party insurance. Only "accident" cover covers you.

This may be an extension of your car insurance but the best option is probably to protect yourself from all types of accidents, not just car accidents: falling down stairs, skiing or scooter accidents, etc.

What types of compensation are provided?

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For each of these accident insurance policies taken out on a vehicle, for a specific driver or for all types of accidents - medical expenses not reimbursed by social security are covered. But beware, often motorcycles and extreme sports require a special option.

Beyond hospitalisation costs, all these policies also cover more serious situations. For example, if a car accident disables you, the insurance policy will offer compensatory financial compensation for your disability. This amount allows you to reorganise your life, to retrain professionally or to make adaptations to your house. 

Finally, all these policies provide for the payment of a lump sum to the family in the event of the death of the insured person.

Talk to your insurance company to find out what cover you have, and to be reassured about how you and your loved ones are protected when you drive.

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