The bike: queen of the road in the Grand Duchy

Electric bikes for rent, a network of cycle paths, a bonus for the purchase of a bike... Luxembourg is rolling out the red carpet to get you back in the saddle and develop a softer mobility.

The inhabitants of Luxembourg-City are definitely getting on their bikes. "More and more customers want to use the bike as a daily method of transportation," according to the “Arnold Kontz” bicycle shop in the city.

Their main motivation: avoid wasting time in traffic jams during their daily commutes. It’s true that taking the children to school or getting to work by car can quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare. From a peaceful capital at the weekends, Luxembourg-City turns into a busy business centre during the week.

So, equipped with a child seat or a cargo bike, parents in a hurry are rediscovering the freedom and the pleasure of getting from A to B on the city’s cycle paths, which seem to be sprouting up everywhere. A boost to get you pedalling, the State of Luxembourg is even granting an exceptional bonus of up to 600 euros for the purchase of a new bike, electric or not.

A take-away bike

AXA Blog Luxembourg : un paradis pour amoureux du vélo

Unless you’re a cycling champion, for which Luxembourg is a known breeding ground (#Christine Majerus), the bike tends to be reserved for short distances.

It’s even an ideal way to combine your trip with another means of transport such as bus, tram or train.

After all, in Luxembourg, you can bring your bike on board for free outside rush hour. If you don’t need your bike at your destination, you can also store it safely in one of the 32 free bike parks, better known as the mBox, available near train stations throughout the country.

Slow tourism

AXA Blog Luxembourg : un paradis pour amoureux du vélo

Green countryside, rolling landscapes with rock formations reminiscent of the exceptional beauty of Switzerland, Luxembourg is ideal for indulging in the joys of cycling and green tourism.

No fewer than 600 km of cycle paths crisscross the whole country.

historical, gastronomic, transnational tours, station to station routes on abandoned railway lines, mountain bike or special family routes, the possibilities are endless.

If you have invested in very good equipment, remember that it may be very much sought after by thieves. To deter them, it is advisable to use a sturdy anti-theft device and to register your bike for free with the Police. An identification code is then engraved on the bike frame to easily identify its owner and discourage thieves.

You can also insure your bike against theft or breakage as part of your home insurance, for example with the AXA Luxembourg Confort option. Your bike will be protected even abroad.

Do you need advice ?

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