Are you covered in the event of a bicycle accident?

Good weather has invaded the country. What could be more pleasant than riding your bike to work under a beautiful blue sky? Or going on a cycling tour through the unspoilt nature Luxembourg has to offer? As you get out your favourite means of transport, you start to wonder whether you and your family are well covered on two wheels? Let us shed some light on the matter.

Let's first get our terminology straight: by bicycle, we mean traditional bicycles as well as electrically assisted bicycles, i.e. when assistance is provided when pedalling. Secondly, it is considered that there are 3 major risks when cycling:

1. I hurt someone or damage a car

AXA Luxembourg : assurance responsabilité civile à vélo

You’re riding your bike when an unusual thud attracts your attention. You turn your head to the left to check what’s going on and see works in the distance. As you look ahead again, probably because of a bump in the road, your bike wobbles and you hit a car parked along the road. Luckily, you’re not hurt. The saloon, on the other hand, now has a spanking new scratch running down the length of its side.

In this case, the Civil Liability coverage will cover the cost of repairs. Remember to ask for it under your home insurance, as it isn’t always included in the basic package.

2. I hurt myself falling off my bike

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : s'assurer en cas d'accident de vélo

You've just got yourself a new electric bicycle that you're riding for the first time around the block. After a few minutes, you’ve got the knack. At the end of the day it's like a traditional bike, only faster and heavier. Happy with your progress, you’re ready to head home. You pick up speed and give a boost to get on the pavement between you and your home. But the bike struggles to get up, so you hit the pavement hard before falling back on your bike. The result: a broken rib.

The costs related to medical care are covered by social security (or the accident insurance association - AAA- in case of an accident during a professional journey). You can also use your complementary health insurance to reimburse medical expenses that are not covered.

To protect yourself in the event of a more serious accident (death or disability), you need to take out individual “accident” insurance. This type of policy provides for the payment of indemnities according to the terms and conditions specified at the time of subscription.
In the event of permanent disability, you receive a benefit whose amount is linked to the degree of disability you suffer. In the event of death, the capital is paid to your spouse or your heirs, in order to protect your family financially.

3. I break my bike

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : assurer son vélo contre la casse dans le monde entier

You can insure your valuables against theft and breakage as part of your home insurance policy. Advantage: your objects are covered wherever you are, even abroad. Please note that this is an option to be added to your base contract.


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