AXA Assurances Luxembourg

In case of storm and flooding


Anticipate the flooding

  • Keep the AXA Assistance number handy: +352453055, which might be useful for you if you need emergency service.
  • In case of a weather alert, bring in your belongings (e.g. garden furniture), close the windows and shutters, if possible put your car in a garage,
  • Follow the news; remain connected to,
  • Have a professional verify that any television antennas and/or satellite dishes are firmly attached to your roof,
  • Stock water bottles and provisions,
  • Follow the instructions broadcast by the authorities,
  • AXA Assistance can also be reached directly via your App MyAXA.
  • On the Road : Don´t travel by car. If you absolutely have to drive somewhere, avoid going through wooded zones
  • Follow the information and the instructions of the authorities.

During the storm

  • Avoid travelling and stay safe
  • In case of emergency, contact AXA Assistance: +352 453055

After the Storm

  • Above all, don´t touch any electrical or telephone wires that have fallen to the ground,
  • If your home was flooded, it certainly presents unusual risks: slippery floor, more fragile furniture and walls, possible electrocution, harmful products spread over the floor, proliferation of germs and microbes…
  • Take precautions: do not stay alone, cut off the power (water + electricity = danger), and wear gloves for cleaning,
  • Get your young children out of the devastated zones,
  • If you notice the smell of gas, do not use your telephone (fixed or portable) so as not to risk an explosion,
  • Draw up an inventory of the damage and take photographs,
  • Declare the loss as soon as possible to your AXA advisor.
  • In case of emergency, contact AXA Assistance : +352453055

In case of a hail storm

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Anticipate the hail storm

  • Pay attention to weather alerts.
  • In case of a hail warning, protect your vehicles by putting them in a shelter.
  • Bring your garden furniture inside and use tarpaulins to protect anything that may be damaged by hail.

When it starts hailing

  • Avoid travelling and stay safe
  • In case of emergency, contact AXA Assistance : +352453055


After the hail

  • Take a photo of your vehicle(s) damaged by hail or anything that has been damaged by the storm (roof, deck, furniture, windows, etc.).
  • Do not undertake repairs yourself: immediately contact your AXA advisor who will advise you how to proceed
  • If your vehicle has been damaged and it is not safe to drive it anymore (e.g. damaged windshield severely limiting visibility) we advise you to wait for the repair before using it again and to contact immediately AXA Assistance: +352 453055 to get help.

Declaration of loss

It is important to put together a complete file so that we can respond to you as quickly as possible: