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Congratulations ! You have just bought your first real home. And you have taken out a loan to do so. But borrowing money also means committing to paying it back in full. You wish to protect your loved ones by ensuring the reimbursement of your loan in case of your death.

Discover Domia, the outstanding balance insurance

The Outstanding Balance Insurance Domia offers you a full coverage at a very competitive price. Domia protects your loved ones by freeing them from any financial commitment and it lets you focus on your projects.

What happens to my loan if I die?

Live with peace of mind: If you were to die during the term of your loan, the reimbursement would be made to the institute where you took out your loan. AXA pays the outstanding loan balance up to the insured amount. Like this, your family may still enjoy the property without having to worry about repaying the loan.

What if I become disabled?

With the additional « Decreasing Capital » coverage you can be sure that the payment to the beneficiary bank will be made in case of total and permanent disability due to an accident or an illness.

Why take out a different Outstanding Balance Insurance than the one proposed by the institute where you take out your loan?

Flexible subscription

Only a minimum of medical formalities is necessary. In most cases, it is sufficient if you complete a simple questionnaire.

Possibility to subscribe the policy with one or two insured persons

If the policy is taken out jointly, payment of the outstanding loan balance is guaranteed on the first death of one of the insured persons.

Payment simplification

Single or split premium (annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly): you can choose the frequency of your premium payments.

Plan for a pre-insurance period

The full amount of the loan is already covered before the first repayment date.

Services & Advice

Housing loans: how do I protect my loved ones in case of a fatal accident?

In Luxembourg, as in many European countries, financial institutions often require borrowers to take out insurance against the risk of death or disability. This is called Remaining Due Balance insurance, and it pays the balance of the capital that remains to be refunded to the bank. This cover allows the owners to insure the payment of the remaining instalments by the insurer in case of death or disability.


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Why take out life insurance in Luxembourg?

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