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Insure your devices outside your home

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops... today we are lost without our mobile devices. And yet they are rarely insured outside our home.

Insure your devices outside your home

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops... today we are lost without our mobile devices. And yet they are rarely insured outside our home.

You made it!  At last, you’ve managed to get a few days off for a city-trip on the trail of the film set La Casa de Papel in Madrid. At the airport, you rush to the underground to head into the city centre.

When you arrive at Banco de España, you put your hand into your backpack pocket in search of your mobile phone. It’s empty. Maybe you left it in your jacket? After a protracted and systematic search, you have to face the facts, your precious PDA has disappeared.

Without even checking into your hotel, your first port of call ends up being the police station. The officers aren’t really surprised. The metro is a playground for pickpockets.

Mobile devices: protect yourself from theft outside your home

AXA Luxembourg assurance multimedia vol téléphone

Your multimedia equipment (phone, camera, computer, etc.) is part of the furniture and, as such, it is covered against theft in your home under your home insurance policy, or in your vehicle under your car insurance.

But what happens if you are robbed outside your home, on public transport for example?

In this case, specific insurance for multimedia devices can cover your losses, which can quickly leave you thousand euros out of pocket. This very simple insurance allows you to insure all your family's mobile devices against theft and breakage with one single policy. At AXA, your mobile multimedia equipment is covered worldwide.

However, a word to the wise before you take out this kind of cover.

In actual fact, insurers often limit the coverage to characterised theft, i.e. robbery or burglary. So check the conditions carefully to make sure that you are covered in event of snatching or theft without your knowledge.

Insure your multimedia equipment against breakage

AXA Luxembourg assurance multimedia

Saturday, 5:30 pm. Your photo editing course has just ended. You decide to have a drink at a pavement café with the other participants. When the waiter brings your order, your neighbour - who is gesticulating wildly as he tells his story -  sends the tray flying. And a waterfall of beer cascades down onto your state-of-the-art computer.

Multimedia equipment insurance allows you to claim for accidental damage or destruction resulting from a fall, an impact or the penetration of a foreign body. Make sure that the damage you cause yourself is well covered. For example, if you let your mobile phone drop and it crashes to the ground. At AXA, you are also reimbursed in this case!

AXA’s “multimedia equipment” insurance

AXA Luxembourg assurance multimedia

At AXA, one single policy covers all multimedia devices (mobile and fixed) in the same household: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, game consoles, televisions... And no need to report the purchase of new devices, they will be automatically covered. In the event of a claim, you will be asked for the purchase invoice for the device.

In the event of theft, you will need to provide proof that you have filed a complaint.

Don't forget your leisure equipment!

AXA Luxembourg assurance matériel sportif casse skis

Bicycle, kayak, golf, ski, diving equipment or musical instruments, some of the equipment needed for your favourite pastime can be worth several thousand euros.

For example, imagine yourself on the slopes during your winter sports holiday testing your new pair of skis. As you come down a run, you slip on a rock that violently damages the underside of your brand new ski and breaks the binding.

You think you're covered? In general, insurance will only cover you for items in your home. with AXA's comfort option, your skis and sports equipment are protected and will be repaired or refunded wherever you are in the world.