Cover for my golf equipment, at home, on the green and all over the world

Golf is a very widespread sport in the Grand Duchy. Luxembourg has several courses for amateurs and passionate golfers. If you are someone who takes to the greens, did you know that your golf equipment could be covered at home, on courses in Luxembourg or even all over the world?

Indeed, your home insurance policy not only covers your home but also its contents, which includes your golf equipment, which is thus insured in case of theft. Options can be added to your home insurance policy to extend cover for your equipment when it is following you around on the green or during your travels.

How do I get cover for my golf equipment at home?

AXA Luxembourg : Comment couvrir mon matériel de golf à mon domicile ?

If your equipment is stolen from your home, you can use your home insurance to obtain a refund. All you need is an invoice as proof of purchase. If you no longer have one because you inherited your parents' clubs or you got your kit by collecting prizes from the most recent tournaments you played in, a photo will suffice. Of course, if they have been stolen, you must attach the police report to your declaration.

How do I get cover for my golf equipment on a golf course?

AXA Luxembourg : Comment couvrir mon matériel de golf sur un parcours ?

At AXA, all you need to do is take out the Comfort option, an option linked to your OptiHome home insurance policy that insures your golf equipment (and sports equipment in general) against accidental breakage and theft anywhere in the world. So if you twist your driver on the course, you can use your insurance to get your repair or replacement costs reimbursed.

What happens if my golf equipment is stolen from my car?

AXA Luxembourg : que se passe-t-il si mon matériel de golf est dérobé dans ma voiture ?

If your clubs are stolen from your car you have several possibilities.

Either you claim on your car insurance which will generally compensate you if your personal belongings are stolen from your locked car.

Or you take out the Comfort option for AXA Home Insurance which will also cover you whether you are in Luxembourg or anywhere else in the world. So even if you cross the border to go and play on other courses, your equipment is also protected in your vehicle.

What if I break my golf equipment or it gets stolen abroad?

AXA Luxembourg : si je casse ou me fait voler mon matériel de golf à l’étranger

You have decided to go abroad to play on a golf course, in Spain for example, and unfortunately something bad happens and you bend your iron making it unusable. Once again, don't panic, you are covered by the Comfort option on your AXA home insurance.

If you have taken out travel insurance, your set of clubs, as luggage, is also protected for the duration of your stay, in transport and also in the hotel or when you are away. In the event of theft, loss or damage during transport, you are covered up to €5,000.

A bad move happens fast!

AXA Luxembourg : un mauvais coup est vite arrivé au golf !

Against all odds, accidents happen on the golf course too. Whether it's by accidentally hitting a partner with a club on the green, or a badly hit ball ending up in a car windscreen! Luckily your Civil Liability insurance is there for that. Whether it's material damage or injury, it covers you either way.

So don't wait any longer, enjoy your favourite sport with peace of mind by taking out the right insurance.

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