Motor assistance: how well are you covered abroad?

Right, your mind’s made up, this summer you're off to discover one of the amazing beaches Europe has to offer. The good news is that, whether you opt for the Belgian coast, the French Riviera, the Costa de Sol or the Sardinian archipelago, you’re only a few hours’ drive from your holiday destination. But how well protected are you if you break down on the way there or back?

You’re ready to head off. And on time too! After a clever game of Tetris to fit all your luggage in the boot, you’re on your way to Andalusia. 6 hours later, you're somewhere around Montélimar. Just one last stop to stretch your legs and you’re ready for the last two hours of the day's journey. Well, that’s what you think. The battery indicator light starts to blink. The car won’t start. The alternator’s failed.

A classic holiday breakdown

AXA Luxembourg - assistance et dépannage auto

Alternator, battery, flat tyre and misfuelling are the classic holiday breakdowns. They may not be serious, but they can throw cold water over your summer mood.

This is what you have to look forward to:

- Breakdown service:
This service is regulated on French motorways, rest areas, tolls and exits included. Only an approved company is authorised to intervene. You can contact them using the emergency phone terminals, or by dialling 17 (police emergency number) from your mobile phone. The vehicle is towed to the garage of your choice (5 km from the motorway exit). How much will it put you back? € 130, which goes up to € 195 in the evening and at weekends.

If you need to be towed outside a motorway, contact your insurer by following the details on your green insurance card (obligatory on-board document). If you’ve taken out breakdown assistance, you’ll be guided through the whole process.

- Repairs:
The garage confirms that the alternator has given up the ghost. It’s late on a Wednesday afternoon. He orders the part and will receive it on Friday. You won’t be able to pick up your car until Monday evening at the earliest. You decide to stay in the vicinity while waiting for the repairs: 5 nights in a hotel at € 80.

Motor assistance in case of breakdown

AXA Luxembourg - se faire dépanner à l'étranger et faire rapatrier sa voiture

A situation that’s already a bit of a pain back home quickly becomes a nightmare when you get stuck in the middle of a motorway service station in the hot Italian sun. And don’t think it can’t happen to you. Haven’t you ever forgotten you keys in the car, closed the door and heard the automatic locking system go off? ... That’s what we thought.

With breakdown assistance from AXA, we can sort out the problem for you all over Europe, no matter what’s wrong with your vehicle.

If it can’t be repaired on the spot, the costs of hotel accommodation (up to 5 nights) are covered while you wait to pick up your vehicle from the garage.

Your car isn’t easily repairable and you can't wait for it? AXA helps get you back to Luxembourg and has your vehicle repatriated, all expenses paid. If you prefer to continue towards your holiday destination, you can also opt for 10 days of car rental. Feel better already?

Please note that breakdown assistance remains an option in Luxembourg. Here at AXA, it costs € 65. Remember to take out the cover so that you can head off with peace of mind. And make the most of your holidays!

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