What should you do after an attempted burglary?

You’ve just got back home after a day at work when an unusual detail catches your attention when you slip the key into the lock. Scratches on the door. Wood chips form a small mound on the floor. After a few seconds, it hits you like a bolt of lighting: someone’s tried to break into your house.

What’s the best course of action?

  1. Report what you’ve discovered to the police by calling the emergency number: 113.
  2. If in doubt, don’t go in and wait for the police to arrive.
  3. Don't clean anything. Traces and clues may be useful in the investigation.
  4. Report the offence
  5. Declare the attempted theft to your insurer.

You’ve been the victim of an attempted burglary. Once the shock has passed, you need to take a series of steps to ensure your own safety and obtain reimbursement for the damage. A useful guide.

Test the solidity of your doors and windows

Before going back into your home, make sure you’ve checked all the doors and windows to be absolutely certain that burglars have not been able to get in. Even if all the openings have resisted, keep in mind that the use of a crowbar may have damaged the mechanisms of the door lock, which may have been weakened by the attempted break-in.

Report the offence

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : porter plainte après une tentative de cambriolage

Contacting the police is the first course of action, to report any break-in attempt. In most cases, police officers will come to your home to find out what happened, make sure you are safe and take evidence from your neighbours.

Even in the case of an attempted burglary, reporting the offence is very important because it will allow the competent authorities to conduct an investigation to identify the perpetrator(s) and to avoid a new intrusion attempt with potentially more serious consequences if the criminals manage to enter the dwelling (home jacking, stolen or vandalized movable property, ...).

Contact your insurer

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : contacter son assureur après une tentative de cambriolage

If repairs need to be carried out as quickly as possible to secure access to your home and you have taken out AXA home insurance, you can reach assistance at any time of the day or night by calling +352 45 30 55. If your door is damaged, the locksmith can, for example, temporarily close it to keep you safe, while waiting to change your door at a later date. If the damage is significant, your insurer will send an expert to assess the amount of repairs. If the door needs to be replaced, this may be the right time to opt for an armoured model. This is currently the system that offers maximum security.

If you are a tenant, also remember to notify the landlord. Because both of your insurances may be involved in the payment of repairs.

This burglary attempt can serve as a warning and encourage you to take better precautions to ramp up your security. But being the victim of a breaking and entering attempt is sometimes a difficult ordeal to overcome. You may find it difficult to sleep for a few days. If this happens, don't stay in the house alone and share your concerns with those around you.

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