Are you more hybrid or electric?

Does plug-in hybrid not mean much to you? You’re tempted to acquire a cleaner vehicle by taking advantage of aid from the Luxembourg state, but you’re having a hard time navigating your way between different hybrid and electric technologies. Let’s take a look and help you choose the best solution for you to get around.
Charging stations and financial incentives

AXA Assurances Luxembourg - bornes de recharges pour voitures électriques au Luxembourg

As is often the case with technology, Luxembourg is a pioneer. This is the case with charging stations. While this subject may present an obstacle to adoption in neighbouring countries, the city of Luxembourg already has 62 charging points distributed over the various districts of the city centreboard, Hollerich, railway station, Bonnevoie, Limpertsberg and Kirchberg. And through Chargy - the grouping of Luxembourg distribution system managers - the Grand Duchy has set up a vast plan to provide 800 public charging stations throughout the country by 2022.

In addition to infrastructure, in 2020 the government renewed its financial aid plan to promote electric mobility. The programme provides a bonus of €5,000 for the purchase of a 100% electric car and €2,500 for plug-in hybrid vehicles with emissions less than 50 g/km. Find all the details on bonuses for the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle on the website.

Ready to get started? Now you have to choose from the various electrification technologies available. Some cheat sheets to revise from before visiting a dealer.

100% electric car

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : les avantages de la voiture 100% électrique

What's that? A car that has an electric motor as the only mode of propulsion.


  • A more environmentally friendly vehicle that produces zero emissions
  • A purchase bonus of €5000
  • No fuel, therefore significant savings.
  • Spaces reserved for electric vehicles in certain car parks.



  • Autonomy. Depending on the driving conditions you can hope to cover from 150 km on main roads and 300 km on the motorway before going past a charging point.
  • Price. Electric cars are more expensive to buy than a hybrid vehicle.
  • A rising electricity bill
  • The need to install a charging station at home, not simple if you live in an apartment.

Electric cars are for you if:- You want to choose the most environmentally friendly vehicle

  • You want to use it in the city or to get to work

Hybrid plug-in technology

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : les avantages de la technologie Plug-in Hybride

What's that? A car with two engines: an internal combustion engine that runs on fossil fuel, and an electric motor, linked to a large capacity battery. The special feature of this plug-in hybrid system is that it can be recharged in two ways:

  • via a terminal - like a 100% electric car.- or while driving - like a full hybrid vehicle.



  • You get the best of both worlds: the efficiency of an electric car in the city and the autonomy of a traditional car for long journeys.
  • You can travel approximately 50 km in electric mode. So you drive in electric mode on most of your trips since 50% of our daily trips by car are less than 12 km.
  • Disadvantages:
  • A boot cut down by a few cubic metres to house the battery.


Hybrid plug-in technology is for you if:

  • most of your daily journeys are less than 50 km
  • you want to be able to make long journeys while keeping the same performance as a petrol saloon car.

Full hybrid technology: Hybrid Synergy Drive

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : les avantages de la technologie Full hybride

What's that? An electric motor powered by a battery which boosts the combustion engine in the operating ranges where a combustion engine is least efficient - when the car starts or when climbing a hill, for example, which avoids unnecessary fuel consumption. The vehicle can run fully on electricity over a very short distance of one or two kilometres.


  • The battery is continuously recharging
  • Significant fuel savings


  • The technology is not eligible for the state premium
  • Poor environmental performance compared to the plug-in hybrid. Full hybrid technology is for you if: You need to keep all the space in your boot (which will not contain a battery)

Mild Hybrid technology

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : les avantages de la technologie MILD hybride

What's that? A starter-alternator assists the engine at start-up and takes advantage of deceleration phases to recharge the backup battery.


  • Fuel savings


  • It can’t  travel in electric mode only
  • The technology is not eligible for the state premium
  • Low environmental performance compared to plug-in hybrid technology 

Mild hybrid technology is for you if:

  • You want to have a powerful vehicle while limiting CO2 emissions


Have you decided to drive more cleanly? AXA encourages you by granting a 20 to 30% vehicles. Feel free to contact an advisor to carry out a simulation.

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