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You may not be aware of all the risks you run simply by using the Internet.

Whether it is a disagreement with an online store, bullying on the social networks or identity theft, you and your family are subject to financial and e-reputation risks.

To hedge off Internet-related risks, AXA offers you e-protection insurance for you and your family by taking out the PII and Internet-related Risks Option of your OptiHome home insurance.

What types of risks are covered by e-protection insurance?

The e-protection option offers you optimal cover against the various risks linked to the Internet you run in your private life, such as: identity theft, fraudulent use of means of payment, e-reputation, disputes with an online store following a purchase (goods or services). The insurance protects your rights in the context of your digital life and enables you to take all the necessary steps to repair the damage caused in the event of a dispute.


E-reputation damage refers to attacks on your private life and your personal data on websites, such as defamation, slander, insult and any disclosure of personal information infringing on your private life by means of a photograph, a written document, a video, a statement published on a blog, discussion forum, social network, website, etc.

E-reputation risks include everything that can damage your reputation on the internet. For example, your child is being bullied on the social networks or personal data is being disclosed on the internet without your knowledge.

In case of damage to your e-reputation, we pay directly the costs of cleaning up/burying the information that compromises your reputation.

  • Amicable defence and legal defence.
  • Coverage of the costs of cleaning up or burying information that is damaging to your reputation

Identity theft

Someone creates a false account on the internet and impersonates me, or has taken out a loan in my name with my identity card.

  • Amicable defence of your legal interests: helps you to assert your rights amicably.
  • Legal defence of your interests: In the absence of an amicable solution, coverage of the costs resulting from the legal defence of your interests.
  • Compensation for damage: If no solution is found, reimbursement of fraudulent transactions and the costs of restoring identity documents.

Fraudulent use of means of payment

During a stay abroad, you were debited €3,000 for an expense that you did not incur.

  • Assistance in cancelling the purchase and the charges.
  • Amicable defence and legal defence.
  • Compensation for damage suffered: fraudulent transactions and the cost of restoring means of payment.

Online purchase of goods and services

In the event of a dispute with an online store, we will refund you directly for the loss suffered if the amicable or legal steps taken to defend the insured's legal interests are unsuccessful (e.g., disappearance/bankruptcy of the online store).

You made your hotel reservation and paid online, but when you arrived at the hotel, your reservation had not been registered and you had to pay for your stay again.

Or you ordered a piece of furniture on the internet which never arrived and the website refuses to refund you.

For online stores based in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands:

  • Amicable defence and intervention with the online store to assert your rights.
  • For the purchase of a service, also legal defence: the costs of the legal defence are covered.
  • If the goods are not delivered, are broken, defective or do not conform: Compensation for the damage suffered: if no refund is received after 3 months, the e-protection insurance covers the refund of the merchandise, the costs of re-shipment or replacement.

Connected objects

From your smartphone to your children's toys, connected objects are increasingly present in your environment. If one of your connected objects fails and causes problems such as online payments, identity theft or e-reputation for example, e-protection insurance also covers you.

In the event of identity theft, e-reputation problems, fraudulent use of your means of payment, or unsolicited purchases on the internet caused by a connected object, the coverages apply and you are also entitled to an amicable defence and legal defence.

Legal support

Whether you encounter a problem or not, with the e-protection insurance you also have free legal support by telephone to:

  • Answer your questions.
  • Inform you about your rights and obligations.
  • Advise you on the steps to take and the best way to assert your rights.

Find out more about the e-Protection coverage of the PII and Internet-related risks Option

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