Your MyAXA customer portal - FAQ
AXA Assurances Luxembourg

How do I access my MyAXA customer account?

From your web browser, access your MyAXA client portal at:

And enter your login details. How do I access my MyAXA customer account?


How do I create my personal MyAXA client account on the portal?

As an AXA Luxembourg customer, you have received an email with all the instruction to follow to create and log in to your MyAXA client account.

If you did not receive an email inviting you to create your account, you can simply create it by opening the following address in your browser: and entering your policy number.  

I’ve forgotten my MyAXA password or username

From the login page, click on "Forgot my password" and follow the steps to reset your password.

Your username is your email address. If you are unable to find your login email address, please contact our Customer Service on +352 44 24 24 1

Accessing your MyAXA client account from a smartphone or tablet

To access your MyAXA client account from your smartphone or tablet, open your web browser and type in the address:

What about my MyAXA smartphone application?

MyAXA has evolved and is now available on computers, tablets and phones online at

You no longer need your MyAXA mobile application and can now uninstall it from your smartphone.


How do I report a motor or home claim from my MyAXA client account?


From the home page of your client account, click on "Report a claim" or via the "My claims" menu select “Report a claim”, then fill in the required information to submit your claim.

Find the contact details of my AXA Luxembourg advisor


From the home page of your client account, find the contact details of your AXA Luxembourg advisor in the "Contact your agent" section

Modify my contact details

From your MyAXA client account, click on the avatar icon (top right of the screen)  and then on "My personal data".  edit your changes by clicking on the "Edit" button.

View the list of my insurance policies

The list of your insurance policies and coverage can be found in the "My insurance policies" section, accessible from the menu in your client account.

Consult my documents online

Find the documents available online in the "My Documents" section, accessible from the menu in your client account.

Follow the progress of my claims

In the "My claims" section, accessible from the menu in your client account, view "Claim tracking".

Request an insurance certificate

From the home page click on 'make a new request' or from the menu select 'My requests' and 'Make a new request'. Then click on "request an insurance certificate".

I have provident or pension insurance policies with AXA Luxembourg through my employer. Can I find information about these policies in MyAXA?

No. Your MyAXA client account does not include policies taken out through your employer.

To access your employer's policies, log on to


Can't find an answer to your question?

If you can't find an answer to any question you may have about your MyAXA client account, please contact our customer service department by phone at +352 44 24 24 1 or by email at