Tired, stressed, unfit to drive: three times a year, AXA offers you a taxi. Offer valid for AXA car policyholders.

Available 24/24 and within a radius of 70km of your home. And as long as your friends need a lift in the same direction than your home, you can take them along!

A single number to call : +352 45 30 55


Have traces of wear/deterioration removed without affecting your premium. How does it work?

AXA has negotiated preferential rates for you. This means that minor damage can be repaired without having to bring your Material Damage insurance into play and without affecting your no claims and therefore your premium


Do you see servicing your vehicle as wasting time?

AXA guides you and drives your car:

  • to the technical control centre,
  • for servicing
  • or for fitting your summer/winter tyres.

Need a Luxembourg number plate?

Spare yourself the administrative steps.

AXA picks up your vehicle directly and returns it to you with the new plates fitted.


Make the most of AXA connected services on a daily basis and in a disaster with MyAXA. It's difficult to have good reflexes in an accident! To help you, get AXA Assistance's numbers and make use of the associated services: Joker Taxi, Breakdown, Repatriation, etc.

Register avehicle claim : Because a disaster never happens at the right time, MyAXA guides you through your declaration and helps you at each step