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Your vehicle is your ally at all stages of your life, which is why you’re right to have certain demands and to expect the best from your insurer.

🌟Fully covered, you’re well protected!

Protect the true value of your car


Have you just bought a new car? If your new car cannot be repaired following an accident or has been stolen, for three years, AXA Luxembourg allows you to buy exactly the same car again, even if you got a good deal on it.  After these 3 years, you are still entitled to enhanced compensation and can even consult the table in your policy to find out the amount of your cover in advance.

You own a new car, less than one year old, purchased for €43,999* (not including trade discounts). Following an accident, your car is destroyed beyond repair. How will you be compensated?

*Examples for illustration purposes

This guarantee means you get the best possible level of compensation, a solution that is unique in Luxembourg.

Lend your car without worrying


Is your child going to be driving your car? Does a friend need it to move house? No problem, your car is insured even if someone else drives it. What’s more, that person doesn’t need to be named in your policy. It gets even better!

Protect your passengers


In the event of an accident, your passengers, whether family or not, are covered by your Civil Liability, the compulsory Motor insurance. This concerns your passengers’ assistance or hospitalization costs, etc.

Cover your personal effects in your car


Luggage, pushchair... in the event of a claim involving property damage or theft, we will reimburse your personal effects up to €1,000 or €3,500. The theft of your mobile phone or computer from your car is also insured.

🌟In addition to the usual cover, you are entitled to unique car-related services

Joker Taxi

There are times when you’re better off not getting behind the wheel! Not in a fit state to drive? Don't take any unnecessary risks to get home. Tired, not in a fit state to drive... The Taxi Wildcar covers the cost of 3 taxi rides home per year. AXA is the 1st insurer to offer a taxi service.

How does the Taxi Wildcard Service work?

Pick-Up & Delivery

Dropping off your car to the garage, picking it up again, finding a replacement vehicle, .... Having your car repaired can take time. With "Pick-Up & Delivery", your car is picked up at the place of your choice and a replacement vehicle is delivered to you. Your car is then returned to you repaired and cleaned, wherever you wish.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Comprehensive breakdown service

Are you an infrequent driver? Pay less!  Discover pay-per-kilometre car insurance, insurance that lets you pay less when you drive less than 7,000 km or 5,000 km a year.
Discover pay-per-km car insurance
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Cosmetic Damage Service

Is there a scratch, dent or trace of wear and tear that needs to be repaired on your vehicle? For minor damage to your vehicle, go through an authorised AXA partner. You are eligible for preferential rates to repair minor damage to your vehicle, without having to resort to your Material Damage insurance. A repair that does not affect your No Claims Bonus and leaves your premium intact.

Comfort Service

Maintaining your vehicle, like the roadworthiness test, servicing or even fitting summer or winter tyres, can sometimes take a long time. Take advantage of our network of partners at preferential rates to monitor and manage your vehicle for you: roadworthiness tests, servicing, or even for the fitting of your summer/winter tyres

Registration Service

Need a Luxembourg licence plate for your vehicle? Save yourself the paperwork and take advantage of a preferential rate. Entrust your vehicle directly to an AXA Luxembourg partner, who will come and pick up your vehicle from within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or within 30 km outside it borders, then take it to the service provider's garage before returning it to you at the place and on the date of your choice.

How do I use my car services ?

We will provide you with a vehicle and take yours to the garage, and will then return it to you repaired and cleaned.

  1. Call +352 44 24 24 30 00 for appointments between 09.00 and 16.00,
  2. You will be contacted 48 hours before the return of your vehicle,
  3. Information by SMS on the progress of your claim,
  4. No payments required in advance.

If you’ve had too much to drink, or you’re just too tired to drive (3 services per insurance year)

  1. Call AXA Assistance on: +352 45 30 55
  2. A 24-hour service to get you home safely within a 70 km radius.

Tyre change, maintenance, testing, etc … Premium: €329/ insurance year

  1. Contact your garage or tyre centre for an appointment by D+5 at the latest,
  2. Call your Lux Immatriculation service provider on +352 26 10 86 06 or send an E-mail to and they will take care of the organisation for you,
  3. Picking up your car with a report at the agreed location. You fill in the repair form and sign the paperwork,
  4. Expenses incurred to be reimbursed directly to the service provider when the vehicle is returned.
    Taking over the car does not include the price of tyres, fitting, inspection, or testing.

Picking up of your vehicle and fitting new number plates.

Call your Lux Immatriculation service provider on +352 26 10 86 06 or send an E-mail to, which will deal with all the administrative procedures and testing,

You pay the relevant fixed charge when you get your vehicle back - it’s all straightforward with no surprises.

Negotiated price / VĂ©hicules :

  • New: 265 €
  • Used car EEC: 319 €
  • New or used out of EEC: 835 €
  • Change of ownership: 225 €

With AXA Luxembourg you benefit of preferential tariffs that we have negotiated with approved partners and you pay the amount due directly to the service provider.

To benefit of this service, simply contact your AXA advisor.

For repairs and/or replacement, make an appointment:

TĂ©l. : 80 02 97 97

TĂ©l. : 80 02 16 16

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