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Are you so tired you could sleep or had too many drinks? Get home safe and sound !

All drivers have been faced with this dilemma: get behind the wheel anyway or find another solution that is safer but much less practical? Especially since any other passengers who may be with you in the car are counting on you to take them home.

There are times when you’re better off not getting behind the wheel!

 For example:

  • You’ve had a bit too much to drink,
  • You’ve suffered a sports injury,
  • You’ve forgotten your glasses or had to take out your contact lenses.

Our solution? The Taxi Wildcard :

If you’re not in a fit state to drive, just call us at any time of day or night and we’ll pay for a taxi to get you home. It also extends to all passengers in the car, so that everyone can get home safely.

Top notch perks

Take your friends home

You came with friends and they were counting on you to drive them home? No problem, your friends can come back with you in a taxi.

Available 24h/24

The service is available 24/7 within a 70km radius of your home. The service is free and included in your AXA Luxembourg motor insurance package.

Your Taxi Wildcard can come in useful in quite a few circumstances!

To get you home safely...

Your procedures :

  • Contact AXA Assistance on +352 45 30 55
  • Ask for the Taxi Wildcard service
  • AXA Assistance will send a taxi to the address you provide.

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