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Your car is like your second home. It is there for you on all your daily trips: to do the school run, to get to work and to get away for the weekend... Make sure you protect it and its occupants with high-performance car insurance.

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Car stolen or destroyed as a result of a covered accident? With replacement value compensation, you'll be reimbursed for the true purchase value of your car (if it was first put on the road no more than 1 year ago) for up to 3 years! This means that you'll be able to buy a new vehicle with identical specifications.

Our perk? Beyond 3 years, you are still better off: you can consult the amount of compensation in advance (which is higher than the value assessed by the expert).

We cover all accidental damage to your vehicle, whether or not you are at fault. It applies, for example, in the event of collision with an obstacle (tree, wall, etc.), or in the event of an accident with another vehicle (fender bender, pile-up, etc.).

Our perk? We also protect your car against tyre vandalism, towing in the event of misfuelling, and damage caused by rodents.

When you’re behind the wheel, protection is essential! In the event of serious injury or disability, this guarantee covers all drivers in the event of an accident, whether at fault or not, and compensates you for any bodily injury suffered.

Our perk? If you allow someone else to drive your insured vehicle, they are also covered.

Your vehicle is refusing to start? We will come to your rescue! Take advantage of the breakdown assistance in the event of misfuelling/fuel shortage or puncture, an oil change following a fuel error and the opening and repatriation of the vehicle if you lose your keys.

Our perk? For even more peace of mind, you have access to the “connected breakdown” service, which allows you to track the whereabouts of your tow truck in real time as well as the estimated waiting time.

+ Services that make all the difference

👉 Replacement vehicle or compensation

In addition to the loan vehicle, in the event of an accident or a theft, we will pay you a daily allowance if you do not want a replacement vehicle (use of another vehicle, public transport, etc.).

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👉 Taxi Wildcard

You came by car but you're in no fit state to drive any more? For example, you’re leaving a party, you’ve just injured yourself or can’t find your glasses. Ask for a Taxi Wildcard to take you back home. This service also extends to all passengers in the car, so that everyone can get home safely.

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👉 Pick-Up & Delivery service

In the event of an accident covered by your policy and if your vehicle is still running, avoid back and forth trips to the garage, AXA provides a replacement vehicle, picks up your car and delivers it back to you repaired, wherever and whenever you want.

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At AXA, find the motor insurance that's right for you

Whether you're a frequent driver, a collector or a responsible driver, find the right insurance to suit your needs.

Pay-per-kilometre motor insurance

Are you an infrequent driver? Pay less!  Discover pay-per-kilometre car insurance, insurance that lets you pay less when you drive less than 7,000 km or 5,000 km a year.

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Insurance for electric or hybrid vehicles

If you own a green car, you automatically benefit from an insurance discount and tailored cover, such as the towing of your vehicle to the nearest electric recharging point if your battery is completely discharged.

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Classic and collector car insurance

In your spare time, you like to polish your beautiful classic car, and use it for drives or rallies.... Because your classic car isn't used like a conventional car, it deserves the utmost care and needs tailor-made cover.

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Extend your horizons

Your Motor insurance is valid in all the countries listed on your insurance certificate. Your "Civil Liability" cover therefore insures against all property damage and personal injury caused to third parties in these countries. Note that local legislation will apply to determine liability and compensation. In addition, if you have taken out the 'Family & Travel Assistance' option via our OptiDrive car insurance, we will cover you when you travel anywhere in the world: medical assistance, search and rescue, medical expenses up to €150,000, repatriation, assistance in the event of theft or loss of luggage, etc.

In certain circumstances, your motor insurance and cover are no longer valid. For example, you are not covered for damage or accidents caused by you:

·       while intoxicated (blood alcohol level above the legal limit),

·       if you are unfit to drive

·       in the event of serious speeding,

·       in the absence of a driving licence required by law or during races not authorised by the authorities,

·       as well as non-accidental damage such as wear and tear.

Comprehensive insurance is best suited to new vehicles.

Opting for comprehensive insurance (the Privilège option of AXA OptiDrive car insurance) means you maximise your chances of driving with peace of mind. It is best suited to new vehicles, as, when you drive a new vehicle, it makes more economic sense to be compensated in the event of an accident than if you drive an older car. The other criterion for choosing the right cover for your vehicle is obviously the cost of your car. Comprehensive cover is a must for collector cars, which have a high market value and are therefore expensive.

What’s the best insurance for your second-hand car?

Are you looking to optimise the cost of your car insurance while remaining protected? Take the lead from four different insurance profiles.


Buying a new car in Luxembourg: tips to know

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How can I reduce the cost of young driver insurance in Luxembourg?

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Other types of vehicles:

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Find your package and the ideal options in line with your concerns:

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