AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Our recommended insurance packages for health professional

Your occupation exposes you to risks of claims by patients, but other hazards can also occur.

AXA protects your surgery and your equipment and ensures that you can carry on in the event of loss, whether you practise alone or in a group.

The essential professional insurances

Your civil liability and your defence

You diagnose a patient wrongly during a consultation...
You prescribe the incorrect medicinal dose...

The civil liability cover adapts to the specific features of your profession. Essential for your defence in the event of being held liable by a patient, the legal protection facilitates the settlement of your disputes in both your professional and your private life.

Your professional equipment

Medical equipment and instruments (dentist's chair, scanner, beauty clinic laser, etc.), furniture, computer equipment, etc.

Your professional equipment is covered in the event of loss: you can re-equip your room.

Your premises

A voltage spike in an item of medical equipment causes a fire that damages your premises and your equipment: you can no longer receive your patients...

AXA pays for the costs of reconstruction paid so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible...

Specific professional insurances

Your protection and that of your entourage

A skiing accident prevents you from carrying out your activity: You must close your consulting rooms temporarily...

For your protection and that of those close to you in a hard blow, AXA offers full benefits solutions in line with the needs of professionals.

Protecting your activity

Fire, water damage, flooding, storm... You have to stop your professional activity partially or totally but your overheads continue to run...

Loss of operation covers the financial consequences of a loss if your activity has to be halted.

Protecting your vehicles

Breakdown or accident just when setting out to see a patient, theft of your vehicle with your medical bag and all its contents...

Think about protecting your service vehicles.