AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Our recommended insurance packages for hotel, restaurant or cafe proprietor

For stress-free cooking, AXA offers a professional service and cover designed specifically for the hotel and catering sector to cover the risks in both the kitchen and the dining room.

The essential professional insurances

Your liability and your defence

A customer complains of food poisoning after having lunched in your establishment...
You have to pay a dry cleaning bill after a clumsy waiter spilled red wine on your customer's suit...

A duty of safety to your customers and above all of repairing damaged cause that could generate significant expenditure. It is therefore essential to insure your civil liability.

And civil liability after delivery plays the role of a genuine after-sales service in case of trouble!

Your premises

Foodstuffs that defrost after the freezer short circuits...
Your fryer catches fire…

As your premises are essential to your activity, AXA finances the rebuilding costs paid so that you can start up again as quickly as possible...

Protecting your activity

To make up for the loss of turnover following damage forcing partial or complete closure of your establishment...

Think about the loss of operation benefit: this insurance will also help you pay for certain additional costs (equipment hire, etc.)

Specific professional insurances

Your professional equipment and contents

Your cold room short circuits and triggers a fire
Essential to your activity, your professional equipment is covered

…You lose the contents of your freezer.
AXA also indemnifies your goods.

Protecting your employees

Your head chef is severely burned and finds himself incapable of working…

Protect your employees in the event of death, incapacity to work, medical treatment or hospitalisation after an accident.

Your protection and that of your entourage

You injure yourself when cutting a piece of meat: a tendon is cut through and you lose the normal use of your hand...

In the event of work stoppage, invalidity or death, AXA helps you to maintain your living standard and that of your family and meet the professional charges that you may have left.

Additional family health insurance