AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Our recommended insurance packages for Information and communication company professional

So that you can devote your time to sharing your expertise, AXA offers you a customised insurance package to secure your firm and protect your employees.

The essential professional insurances

Your liability and your defence

As the result of a mistake, you damage your customer's computer equipment or delete his data...

Insuring your civil liability is primordial as your work engages you with your customers.

Your premises

A voltage spike triggers a fire in the offices you have rented…

AXA covers the temporary rental of offices in the event of loss of use of property. Your premises and your assets are covered.

Your computer equipment

You drop your smartphone which breaks...
Your server is damaged by water and causes the loss of customer data...

Your electrical, electronic and computer equipment is covered with the possibility of benefiting from a reprogramming service!

Specific professional insurances

Protecting your vehicles

A car breaks down on the morning of an important presentation at the premises of your largest customer...

Your Auto policy provides for a replacement vehicle and assistance services if needed.

Protecting your employees

Your employee falls down on the way to work and breaks his leg…

AXA covers your personnel in both their professional and/or private lives.

Your protection and that of your entourage

A bad fall from your bike and you suffer a back injury: you can no longer work for several months...

AXA helps those close to you to meet the charges that you may have left and maintain their living standard in the event of work stoppage, invalidity or death.

Additional family health