Reducing the risk of accidents for children

Eighty percent of accidents suffered by children under the age of five occur at home. For these little explorers, the house is an abundant source of dangers which means having to pay constant attention.

Mélanie is the mother of little 11-month-old Marina. She lives in Ettelbruck with her partner and they are preparing to move to a larger apartment so that their daughter can have her own room. “This isn’t the ideal time because Marina is starting to explore the apartment on all fours while we are preparing the boxes for the move. The other day, while I was answering a text message, the little girl started rummaging around stuff in the bathroom, which included scissors and razors” says an anxious Mélanie.

Constant attention

AXA Luxembourg - prévoyance : une attention de tous les instants pour les enfants

These young parents are aware that they are now entering a new phase in their child’s development which requires constant vigilance. “My friends have offered to lend me a playpen so that Marina can play in it safely. But I would rather not frustrate her desire for exploration. I actually believe that it is up to us to change our habits and make an effort towards prevention. “ Also, in her new, more spacious apartment, Mélanie plans to put all dangerous objects out of her baby’s reach. Objective: have as little furniture as possible to allow the little one to practice walking without anything in the way.

Focus on prevention

AXA Luxembourg - prévoyance : prévention dangers pour les enfants

Knives pointed downwards in the dishwasher, pan handles turned inwards, household products out of reach... Mélanie thinks she knows best practices. However, certain areas worry her more than others. “I’m pretty worried about the oven. I intend to explain to Marina not to go up it. But I know how tempting this box all lit up with nice smells coming out of it is for a child.” It is in particular to discuss her concerns that Mélanie has planned to attend the information and discussion sessions organised by the Health and Social Welfare League on the theme of dangers in the home in Ettelbruck, one of 17 in Luxembourg. Beyond prevention, education is also a good way to reduce risks. From the age of 18 months, children are able to understand simple explanations of the dangers they run in the various rooms of the house.

Acquire good reactions

AXA Luxembourg - prévoyance : acquérir les bons réflexes avec les enfants

At home or in their shared garden, young parents are always on the alert. “The other day while Marina was playing in the grass she brought a handful of grass to her mouth. When I removed it, I was shocked to find a bit of mushroom in there! There was no trace of the other half, and I was afraid she had swallowed it. ” In a panic, Mélanie reacted by ringing the emergency services to find out what to do. The team put her in touch with a mycologist who took care to identify the environment where she was to ensure that the fungus was not toxic. You should also consider ringing 112 for any medical emergency. To learn the correct reactions, you can also do a first aid training course. These courses are offered several times a year in different towns across the country.

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