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The Save for Life Pension is a life insurance retirement savings product that allows you to combine traditional savings with stock market investments to take advantage of the best returns in the market.

Dynamic retirement savings:50% security and 50% financial investments

50% secure investments

50% of your savings are invested in a guaranteed interest rate vehicle with profit sharing. Profit sharing means that AXA uses its financial results to increase the rate of return on your savings.

This capital is totally secure.

50% dynamic investments

To cope with the current very low interest rates and gamble on a potentially higher return, the other half is placed on the financial markets, in the AXA PENSION investment fund, managed by the professionals at AXA Investment Managers.

Security and returns

The goal is to couple secure savings with an investment solution that offers opportunities for returns:

  • Geographic and sector diversification of investments to minimise risk
  • Investment in growth sectors in the long term (health, raw materials, property, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Investment in dynamic and defensive assets, with gradual exposure to risk as you approach retirement age:
AXA Pension fonds investissements retraite

Flexibility of payments

When you sign your policy you agree on a periodic amount to be paid. This amount is agreed for information purposes only, to make projections of your potential future returns. You remain free to make additional payments or stop them at your convenience.

Flexibility upon leaving

Your savings can be released from the age of 60, provided that the policy has been open for a minimum of 10 years.

You can choose to let your savings grow for longer, up to 75 years.

At the time of release of the savings, you have the choice between several modes of payment:

  • Paying all of your capital in one go
  • The payment of monthly life annuities that you will receive until the end of your life
  • Or a combination of the two.


In case of death

If you die during the term of your policy, your savings are not lost. They will be given to your predefined beneficiary.

To protect your family if you die after the end of your policy, you can take out an option allowing you to pay your pension back to your spouse. Of course, this will not apply if you choose to recover your capital in one go.

Immediate tax benefit

Throughout the duration of the policy (minimum duration:10 years), you can deduct the amount of your retirement insurance premiums from your annual tax base in compliance with Article 111 of the Luxembourg income tax law.

The maximum annual deductible amount is €3200 regardless of age.

To find out more about possible tax deductions, visit the tax deductions page:

Also find out about Alizea, guaranteed capital retirement savings

Enjoy a guaranteed rate for the duration of your policy.

Alizea is a tax-efficient solution that allows you access to your savings from the age of 60 and at the latest at 75, provided that the policy has been open for a minimum of 10 years.

Services & Advice:

Deduct your insurance from your taxable income

The maximum amount deductible depends on the data provided by the taxpayer and his/her family situation.

  • Pension Retirement Insurance
  • Savings Insurance
  • Housing savings

The functioning of pensions in Luxembourg

The pension system in Luxembourg is based on three pillars:

  • Statutory pension
  • Supplementary pension paid by the employer (optional)
  • Supplementary pension made up on a personal basis (optional)

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