Enjoy a guaranteed rate throughout your policy

Alizea offers tax advantages and allows you to access your savings from the age of sixty and at the age of seventy-five at the latest, provided that the policy has been taken out for at least ten years.

When your policy matures

Constitution of a guaranteed pension capital if you are living: savings released from the age of sixty and the age of seventy-five at the latest (savings exit modalities).

Guaranteed lump sum payment in the event of early death: reimbursement of the mathematical reserve increased by profit sharing in the event of death.


• Significant tax advantage
• Risk-free solution: guaranteed interest rate on each premium net of costs, increased by profit sharing
• Choice of settlement method for your retirement capital when the policy matures
• Reversibility option of the life annuity onto the surviving spouse
• Free designation of beneficiaries in the event of death (legal heirs or partners, those close to you, etc.)

Additional cover against invalidity risk

In the event of partial or full and permanent disability following an accident or an illness, the Company pays the premiums related to all covers taken out (including taxes and charges) in proportion to the level of disability (ACCRI-premiums). Coverage limited to age 65.