Storm: our tips for being better prepared

A storm is defined as high winds usually accompanied by precipitation, which can damage cars and property. Here are our recommendations to prepare yourself as best as possible, now and in case of a weather warning.
Always be ready in case of emergency

AXA Luxembourg : conseils pour face face à une tempête

  • As with a flood, a storm can cause considerable damage to electrical installations and water intakes in particular. It is therefore advisable to always keep a torch, batteries, bottles of mineral water, cans and other foods that do not need to be kept in the refrigerator.
  • Put together an emergency medical kit, which is easy to find and use in case of injury.
  • Practice turning off the power and gas, even without light.
  • Maintain your trees if they are close to your home, prune them regularly to limit potential damage due to high winds.

In case of a weather warning

  • Make sure antennas and satellite dishes are properly attached to your roof.
  • Keep your shutters closed.
  • Keep your garden furniture and car stowed away.
  • Keep your pets safe, ideally inside your home or in an enclosed space.
  • Avoid going out.
  • If you live on the ground floor or have a basement, protect yourself from the risk of flooding.

If you have to go out on the road

Wind gusts, the risk of aquaplaning and poor visibility are the main sources of danger.

  • Follow the diversions if there are blocked roads.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Don't drive too close to the vehicle in front of you.

Do you need advice ?

An advisor is available in every region of the Grand Duchy to offer you his services and his well-informed advice about insurance solutions :