Because Motor insurance must first and foremost provide the cover you need for your everyday life, rest assured, AXA has thought of everything.


AXA Luxembourg - Auto Mars 2018

Stop worrying about your new car!

You have just bought a new car and are dreading the slightest accident? Sign up for our Privilege Formula (CASCO) and put an end to your worries…

If your new car is a write-off due to an accident, AXA allows you to buy exactly the same car, even if you benefited from promotional conditions at the time of purchase, and for 3 years.

If your car is more than 3 years old at the time of the accident, the good news is that you know in advance how much you will be reimbursed, thanks to the contractual depreciation table indicated in your contract.


AXA Luxembourg - Auto Mars 2018

Your passengers are covered by your insurance

In the event of an accident, your passengers, whether family or not, are covered by your Civil Liability, the compulsory Motor insurance. This concerns your passengers’ assistance or hospitalization costs, etc.


AXA Luxembourg - Auto Mars 2018

Lend your keys with peace of mind!

Is your child going to drive your car? Or maybe a friend needs it for a move? No problem, your car is insured even if it is driven by another person. What’s more, that person doesn’t need to be named in your contract.

Even better! In the event of an accident, your Legal Protection protects the interests of any other driver to whom you have lent your car.


Keep living normally even if your car is under repair

Following an accident covered by AXA, a replacement vehicle is provided free of charge for 10 days so that you can continue to live normally.

Following the total destruction or theft of your car, this period is extended to 31 days.

In case of glass breakage, the replacement vehicle is provided for one day.


AXA Luxembourg - Auto Mars 2018

Head off on holiday without a care in the world!

Whatever the formula chosen, your car is insured abroad. Refer to your Green Card (Certificate of Insurance) for a list of the countries in which you are insured.

You are even eligible for free repatriation (for you, your passengers and your vehicle) if the repairs last too long.


The theft of your mobile or computer in your car is covered

For this, opt for the Active + Mini Casco Formula or for the Privilege Formula, and all your personal items (including multimedia equipment) will be covered up to € 1000 if they are stolen from your car. Your personal belongings are also covered if they are destroyed in an accident covered by your insurance.