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Your world, your language, your insurance: Artificial intelligence supports inclusion at AXA Luxembourg

Tue May 14 2024

AXA Luxembourg is launching an initiative inviting Luxembourg’s current and future habitants to discover theirhome insurance solutions in the language of their choice. This digital campaign will be available to 95% of Luxembourg’s population in their mother tongue with personalized content, recognizing the diversity of Luxembourg's different communities.

AXA Luxembourg launches the campaign “Your world, your language, your insurance”, inviting everyone to discover its home insurance offers in the language of their choice, whether it is Spanish, Finnish, Corean, Greek, Hungarian or another language. With 20 languages to choose from, this campaign covers more than 95% of Luxembourg’s population. The aim of this communication effort is to ensure that the majority of Luxembourg’s cultural communities, whatever their size, can access relevant information on AXA’s home insurance products via tailormade content.

“This initiative is a first in the country, aiming athelping residents and newcomers to overcome barriers whensettling in and feel at home in Luxembourg. It is part of our commitment to contribute to more accessible and inclusive society and insurance. This campaign captures the essence of the Grand Duchy: a multicultural diversity growing year after year. By addressing directly most of thecountry’s communities, we ensure that everyone, whatever their origin or mother tongue, can find the right support for their first insurance needs”, says Octavie DEXANT, CEO of AXA Luxembourg

This initiative shows the potential of artificial intelligence in the marketing and insurance sectors.  The strategic use of this technology has enabled AXA to overcome the usual barriers by producing dozens of adapted contents (written, video et audio) to help residents, including those of small communities, to obtain information in a simple way, adapted to their needs. An agent then takes over and assists the clients in one of the 3 usual languages (German, French and English), but also in one of the dozens of languages spoken in AXA agencies.

“This initiative, created with the agency AIxH, complements the multilingual content that already exists since many years in French, English and German to offer AXA Luxembourg’s insurance solutions. This innovation targets above all newcomers that deal with a multitude of formalities such as taking out home insurance at the very first stage of their move. With this multilingual content we wish to simplify their life and also the contact with our agents, who welcome and accompany these different communities since many years.”, explains Mathieu Lafond, Head of Marketing & Communication of AXA Luxembourg.


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