Offer content - 2 months refunded on the OptiHome home insurance, summer 2019



Offer reserved for individual customers who conclude an OptiHome Home insurance policy with AXA Luxembourg, with an effective date between 01/07/2019 and 30/09/2019, as part of a Privilège or Active package.

The offer applies exclusively to properties such as houses and apartments.


Civil liability and Legal Protection, Residence, Garage or Mobile Home policies, as well as policies on buildings under construction, are excluded from the offer and therefore are not eligible for the two-month refund on the annual premium.

To be eligible for the offer, the property insured with AXA Luxembourg must not be the subject of a previous home policy with AXA Luxembourg.



The amount of the refund is calculated as 2/12th of the 1st annualised premium including tax paid to AXA Luxembourg for the OptiHome home policy eligible for the offer.

In the course of November 2019, the refund payment will be automatically made by AXA Luxembourg by bank transfer to the IBAN provided by the client.


In the absence of IBAN references in AXA Luxembourg's IT systems as at 31/10/2019, AXA Luxembourg will not go ahead with the refund.

For all additional information, please contact an AXA Agent.