Snow and ice: rules and advice

Winter is a complicated season. In addition to the inconvenience caused by the cold, snow and ice can penetrate the structure of your home and make the road unsafe.
Snow and ice: a risk to your home

AXA Luxembourg : prémunir son habitation contre neige et gel

As a precaution for heavy snowfall, make sure you:

  • Have your boiler maintained/cleaned.
  • Have your chimney maintained/swept. Plan a fuel stock.
  • Insulate your water meter, taps and outdoor pipes with insulation materials such as glass wool. The same applies if they are located in an unheated room.
  • Keep a stockpile of snow removal salt as if it snows, it is your responsibility to salt the pavement outside your house and the parking area.
  • If you have trees, prune branches that, under the weight of the snow, may pose a risk to your home.
  • Check the gutters to ensure that there is a clear evacuation route for the melted snow.

Get your car ready

AXA Luxembourg : préparer sa voiture lorsqu'il neige

  • Check your windscreen wipers.
  • Fit snow tyres; remember to check the tyre pressure several times during the winter. Note that snow tyres are mandatory in Luxembourg in winter conditions (ice, snow, ice patches or frost).
  • Make sure your lights are functioning correctly. When it snows, it is advisable to turn on your fog lights.
  • Purchase snow chains and at the slightest warning, make sure you fit them.

Getting around in the snow

  • Adapt your speed: the slower you drive, the better you can anticipate hazards and prevent the loss of control of your vehicle.
  • Double your breaking distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • On a slope, use a lower gear to slow you in preference to the brake pedal.
  • Give way to snow ploughs and do not try to overtake them while they are on duty.
  • Install your chains if conditions require it, i.e. if the road is very snowy and has not been salted (chains are ineffective on dry and icy roads). They must be placed on the drive wheels and tightened after driving for a few minutes. When using chains, it is imperative to drive slowly.

Do you need advice ?

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