Heatwaves and high temperatures: precautions to take

As you will have noticed, heatwaves and high temperatures are now an integral part of our summers in Luxembourg. It is no longer uncommon to see several intense heat waves, which can have serious health consequences. We have therefore provided some tips to help you protect yourself.
Get ready before summer

Bring equipment to cool your home: spare air conditioners or fans. Don't wait until summer, much less heatwave warnings, when the shops are overran.

Keep your home cool

AXA Luxembourg : garder sa maison au frais pendant canicule

  • During heatwaves, keep windows and shutters closed.
  • During the cooler hours (when the sun is set), ventilate by opening them and airing your home. Tips for cooling the air: hang damp sheets in front of open windows.
  • Avoid turning on heat-sources as much as possible, such as ovens, lights or PCs.

Avoid dehydration and sunburn during the hottest hours of the day

AXA Luxembourg : les bons gestes pendant une canicule

  • Wear suitable clothing: wide, flowing and light-coloured clothing. Unlike most common practices, it is best to cover your legs and arms to avoid sunburn.
  • Stay cool at home or in an air-conditioned building. If you venture outside, keep to shady areas in the morning before 11am and in the evening after 9pm.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before you start to feel thirsty as often as possible. Some beverages promote dehydration and are therefore to be avoided: sodas, alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee.
  • Make your children drink often even if they don't ask. Check your infant's urine for possible dehydration: an infant must urinate several times a day and the urine should be odour-free.
  • Be concerned about the health and hydration of the elderly around you.
  • Favour ‘wet’ foods in your diet such as fruit and raw vegetables.
  • Shower with lukewarm water without wiping. Cold water is not recommended: it will refresh you instantly but your body will then try to warm up, which will finally produce the opposite effect: you will get very hot a few minutes after the shower.

Do you need advice ?

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