Flooding: how to prepare for it?

Whether in flood-prone areas or not, a house, a ground-floor apartment or a cellar are at risk of flooding in the event of torrential rains. Mudslides, rising waters, overflowing sewers... How do we prepare for these? Our tips for anticipating these situations.
Prepare your home now:

  • An emergency kit, health manuals and a torch must be ready at all times and easy to find in the event of a flood warning.
  • Keep a stock of drinking water bottles and non-perishable food items (including preserves and infant milk).
  • Make sure you know how to shut off the electricity, gas and water supply, where necessary. Be prepared to do so without light.
  • Prepare a solution to raise your appliances and furniture on the ground floor or basement. For example, you can keep building blocks available.
  • Equip yourself with sandbags, which are useful for stopping water when it starts to enter.
  • If you live in a house in a flood zone, make sure your pipes are equipped with anti-return valves.

In case of a flood warning or heavy rains:

AXA Luxembourg : que faire en cas d'alerte inondation ?

  • Cut off your electricity, water and gas. Block water intakes with heavy objects.
  • Plug all gaps or pipes that can let water in (openings under doors, sewer plates, sinks, etc.)
  • Keep valuables and furniture safe, upstairs for example.
  • Avoid going out and taking your vehicle.
  • If possible, get to safety upstairs.
  • Prepare yourself for a possible evacuation: electric gates and electric shutters must remain open to allow a quick exit if necessary.

On the road in torrential rain:

AXA Luxembourg : que faire sur la route en cas de pluies diluviennes ?

Don’t panic. Some simple manoeuvres are enough to make sure you are safe.

  • Double the safety distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Adjust your speed: the slower you drive, the better you can anticipate hazards when visibility is poor. Similarly, you are less likely to experience aquaplaning.
  • Pay attention to possible closed roads and diversions: safety measures may have been taken to prevent motorists from ending up on flood-prone and dangerous roads.
  • Do not approach streams and bridges due to the risk of overflow.
  • If possible, be prepared to park high up, sheltered from flooding.

Do you need advice ?

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