AXA Assurances Luxembourg


You want to go on vacation without having to take out insurance for each trip? Take advantage of single insurance policy including cancellation, luggage and valuable support on your travels throughout the year.

  • Cancellation (illness, death ) to € 15,000 per year
  • Baggage (loss, degradation ) to € 5,000 per claim
  • Assistance ( medical fees, repatriation) worldwide


  • Natural hazards: your home and its contents are protected against natural hazards, such as flooding, sewer back up or from rainwater runoff. You are also protected in case of earthquake.
  • Indirect losses: in the event of a covered loss, AXA automatically pays you an additional 10% allowance to cover your additional expenses.

What to do in case of storm or flooding?


Online purchase or sharing on social networks, you are increasingly connected from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Protect yourself against cyber-hazards: usurpation of identity, bank card fraud, dispute with an e-trader or attack on the e-reputation.

Our solutions:

  • Legal assistance
  • Funding of legal costs
  • Compensation for damage
  • Cleaning or submerging of information

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