What is insured and what benefits does AXA pay out in relation to the Coronavirus? Below you will find information on the various insurance cover below.

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Travel insurance : Optitravel & OptiHome travel option

AXA Luxembourg - Coronavirus - Voyage

AXA Luxembourg covers the costs in accordance with the insurance conditions in force for customers who have to cancel their trip due to serious illness or serious accident. As a reminder, "serious illness" is understood to mean: a deterioration in health certified by a medical authority known to be competent, preventing the  patient from leaving the room (movement not authorised) and involving the cessation of all professional or other activity.

In the case of COVID-19, for the cover to apply, the insured person must provide evidence of a medical certificate attesting to his or her inability to travel, which is the case if the screening test is positive.

 For travellers already in areas affected by quarantine or the travel ban, AXA Luxembourg will help them leave the territory by organising the return trip if necessary or by paying the related expenses.

In addition, medical expenses will be covered in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance in force.

Cancellations of trips to contaminated areas or to countries with administrative travel restrictions such as the United States, decided on preventive grounds, are not covered. In this case, you must contact your travel operator.

If you have any questions regarding travel cancellations or incidents, please contact you agency or our customer service department on (+352) 4024241

Does the cancellation cover apply if ?

  • The region to which I wish to travel is not recommended or is closed ?
  • I am under quarantine ?
  • I take out the cover today ?
  • With my cancellation travel insurance, will my medical expenses be covered if I am placed in quarantine abroad ?
OptiSoins & TeamUp Santé health insurance

For Coronavirus-related services, the following rules apply:

  • Coronavirus benefits are paid out by statutory health insurance. Supplementary health insurance contracts will cover additional expenses.
  • Cancellation of hotel and travel expenses, e.g. prior to departure to a country at risk, are not covered by AXA Luxembourg's supplementary health insurance.
  • COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, this does not exclude any benefits due.

In the event of contamination by the Coronavirus, a return to Luxembourg can only be organised after complete recovery. When medical care abroad is not sufficient, our customers are transferred to a nearby hospital with the appropriate infrastructure. For seriously ill persons, repatriation to Luxembourg is looked into. In this case, however, it should be noted that the provisions of the country concerned on entry and exit from the territory must be respected and that repatriation can only be carried out after a two-week quarantine.


With regard to the application of home help services, these are covered only in the Optisoin range under the following conditions:

  • Benefits can only be claimed in the event of hospitalisation in Luxembourg up to a maximum of 5 times 4 hours during hospitalisation and 5 times 4 hours after hospitalisation.


If you have any questions regarding the reimbursement of healthcare costs, please contact contact you agency our customer service department on (+352) 4024241. For hospitalisation or repatriation requests, here are the numbers to contact 24 hours a day:

- Hospitalisation United States & Canada: (+1) (305) 530 86 00
- Hospitalisation Rest of the world: (+ 352) 44 24 24 48 48
- Repatriation, transport to a hospital, search or rescue: (+ 352) 44 24 24 46 24

Ministry of Health

Precautionary measures for vulnerable people :

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