What to do in case of an accident, how to register your vehicle in Luxembourg? Here are some tips to fully benefit of your car in Luxembourg.

Are you as a driver protected if there is an accident?

In Luxembourg, as elsewhere, to get behind the wheel the law requires you to have third-party insurance that covers damage you could do to others.


Do you have to get your driving licence recognised in Luxembourg?

ave you recently moved to Luxembourg, but not yet ticked the "insure the car" box on your to-do list? One question may be of concern to you: can you insure your vehicle if your licence was issued abroad?


Buying a new car in Luxembourg: tips to know

If you have recently settled in the Grand Duchy, one detail may have surprised you: mobility is still based on the car despite the wide range of public transport services available. More than a means of transport, the car is rooted in the culture of the country.


What to do in case of a car accident in Luxembourg

First of all, it is important to know your level of cover. There are three main levels of protection : The basic level...


Registering your car in Luxembourg: what is the procedure to follow?

You have just settled in Luxembourg and you need to register your car in your new country of residence? Follow the guide to find out...


Luxembourg classic cars, the irresistible appeal of retro

Luxembourg is a paradise for lovers of old cars. All the information you need to know before travelling the green roads of the Grand Duchy.